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How to Find an Officiant in New Orleans for Your Elopement

If you are planning your elopement to NOLA, you will need a professional and experienced officiant in New Orleans for your ceremony.

Finding a wedding officiant is arguably the most important part of planning your elopement. After all, without someone to officiate your wedding, you can’t get married! However, finding the right person to conduct your ceremony is something that many couples forget about until the last minute. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

At Ibay Photography, we work with an extensive network of New Orleans officiants who are just as passionate about elopements as we are! Here are a few commonly asked questions that can help you find the right officiant for your elopement:

Who do you hire?

We only hire New Orleans officiants that have a wealth of elopement experience and have been fully vetted by our team. We have been photographing and planning elopements for several years and have personally worked with every officiant in our network. They are experienced and professional as they come!

What type of ceremonies do our New Orleans officiants conduct?

We work with a long list of local NOLA elopement officiants that can officiate any type of ceremony. Whether your ceremony is big or small, whether you want a serious or silly ceremony- we have you covered. Our New Orleans officiants can tailor your wedding ceremony to your liking. We provide officiant services for ceremonies in all denominations, as well as civil ceremonies.

New Orleans Wedding Officiant

Do you officiate LGBTQ ceremonies?

Yes, of course!

How much does it cost to hire an officiant?

Not as much as you may think! Officiant fees vary (typically $350-$600), but we make it a priority to offer affordable officiant services. We also offer officiant services in all of our elopement packages!



Can your officiants do personalized rituals within the ceremony?

YES! We accommodate all requests. Whether you want to include sand pouring, a unity candle or a completely unique ritual in your ceremony, we’re at your service.

On the wedding day, most couples are jittery and excited. That’s why it’s even more important to find a professional and experienced New Orleans officiant who can conduct your ceremony without any hiccups. Let us help you find the perfect one!  

Visit Us or text us at: 504-292-4856 to request information on a fully vetted New Orleans elopement officiant.  A list of all the documents needed to apply for a marriage license is provided in this blog.  Congratulations to you both!

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