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Where Can I Elope in French Quarter New Orleans?

The French Quarter, also known as the Vieux Carre’ or The Big Easy, is the oldest and most vibrant neighborhood in the city of New Orleans.  When you think of New Orleans, you think French Quarter and probably world famous Bourbon Street.

The French Quarter area has been designated as a historic landmark, with many significant structures and buildings.  It is a prime tourist destination for both visitors and locals alike.  This is the area where you can try the world famous beignets, the hurricane drink and some of the best authentic New Orleans cuisine you’ve ever had.  Shopping, dining, dancing, drinking cocktails and listening to live Jazz bands are some of the many things locals and tourist enjoy when in the French Quarter.  If there is one city in the USA that enjoys and lives life to the fullest, its New Orleans.  Rich in culture and traditions… I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with the city the instant you arrive.

Why Elope in French Quarter

Many couples have chosen New Orleans and specifically the French Quarter neighborhood for their elopement weddings.  The one-of-a-kind, unique and romantic experiences are what draws couples to choose New Orleans…Not to mention the gorgeous backdrops of the pastel colored buildings and gas lantern streets make for amazing wedding photos!

Who will marry us?

Since these suggested areas are open to the public, you will need to bring your own officiant to perform the ceremony.  We can help you secure an officiant that will also assist with securing your marriage license.  All of our Elopement Packages include officiant services.

Where can I marry in the French Quarter?

We recommend:

Exchange Alley – under 10 guests – standing room only – no chairs allowed.

Pirates Alley – under 20 guests – standing room only – no chairs allowed.

Jackson Square – Permit fee required (prices vary depending on guests count) – chairs allowed (rented by couple)

You can see photos on our Pinterest Page of each location by visiting our Gallery Page You can also get a good feel of these locations from our best places to elope Blog HERE

What is required to marry in the French Quarter?

Besides an excellent wedding or elopement planner (which is one of our specialties!), all you’re really going to need is any required permit from Jackson Square. We also highly recommend a New Orleans tradition of a 2nd line wedding parade to complete your elopement experience – rates vary.

where to elope in New Orleans

What is the cost?

Please call Jackson Square at (504) 658-3200 for information on permits required. When writing this blog, fees were around $500 for up to 25 guests and $700 for 26-100 guests.

Alternatively, your wedding or elopement planner can handle much of these details so you don’t get bogged down. Your planner can help put a package together for you that saves assist you with all your requests to have the best destination wedding in New Orleans!

How many guests can we invite?

Jackson Square can accommodate up to 200 guests.  Remember that this is still a public park and tourist will still be roaming the area within Jackson Square.  While you will be the only wedding during your scheduled block of time, the park will not secure a section for you to have a private ceremony.

The great news is that New Orleans locals and visitors are some of the nicest people you will meet and will respect your wedding during your ceremony.  Many of them will want to just stand on the sidelines, witness and wait for the big kiss so that they can celebrate with congratulatory well wishes.

How do we get to the French Quarter – New Orleans?

All three locations we have recommended are within the 13 very short blocks of the French Quarter.  Once you arrive to your French Quarter hotel, all of these locations will be walking distance for you.  Or if you prefer, a quick Uber ride from hotel to ceremony location.

New Orleans is an extremely easy to travel city, so keep on the lookout for signage that will point you in the right direction.

Hopefully you found this information on Eloping in New Orleans useful for your upcoming elopement or micro-wedding. Feel free to contact us anytime if you want to talk about a package deal just for you, so you can experience the magic and romance of the French Quarter for yourself!

View Done-For-You all inclusive packages HERE and Congratulations to you both!

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