New Orleans Elopement

New Orleans Elopement For Two

​You may have already decided that the magic of New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for your destination elopement, but have you decided on the size of your ceremony yet? Micro-weddings and intimate elopements are becoming more popular, as younger couples are looking for a more organic, romantic wedding experience without all of the planning and hassle of a traditional wedding. What if you wanted a ceremony just for you and your significant other? What if you wanted to treat your elopement like a true honeymoon? You can! If you’re thinking about having a more intimate elopement experience while still enjoying all the fun and excitement New Orleans has to offer, we’ll tell you how. Minimal Expense, Maximum Romance First thing you should know about the “just us” style of eloping, it’s more common than you think! In fact, the classic imagery of a couple eloping typically didn’t involve relatives and friends. Thousands of couples every year fly out for their destination elopement in cities like Vegas and New Orleans without anyone with them. This is perfect for couples who are looking for an intimate experience and a ceremony not bogged down with the pressures of entertaining family members or appeasing people in general. Not to mention the price tag that comes with such ceremonies. When it’s just you and your significant other, there’s no giant catering bill, the cake doesn’t have to feed an army, you can book smaller (cozier!) venues, and said venues don’t need to be decorated to the hilt. It saves a load of hassle, not to mention money that could be better spent on other things, like memorable activities. Another often overlooked benefit of not having guests is that booking accommodations is effortless. Nab that king suite in the fanciest hotel in the city and don’t feel a pang of guilt. You don’t have to think about the logistics of stuffing your best friends and beloved family into an overbooked hotel or worry about having to coordinate several hotels, transportation day of, food, and whatever else might be needed in order to ensure everything happens without any issues. If it’s just you and your significant other, all you have to do is decide which hotel has an open suite that suits your needs, and snatch it up before anyone else does. Not only will you feel like you’re on your honeymoon before you even tie the knot, you don’t have to think about the awkward scenarios of friends and family co-habitating in the same space or conflicting personalities raining on your parade. Just do you and let the sparks fly! Your Happiness Will Come First Sometimes, traditional-sized wedding ceremonies can get bogged down in how everyone else feels, often leaving the bride to play mediator, parent, and peacekeeper when they should be focused on their special day. Stress levels are one of the biggest complaints brides-to-be have. A large portion of that stress is derived from making sure everyone’s expectations are being met. But what about the bride and groom? Aren’t they the ones everyone else should be catering to? That’s simply not how it is. Much of the planning for big weddings includes extensive research and accommodations for all guests. This includes everything from learning what your niece-in-law is allergic to, to figuring out how to arrange reliable transportation to and fro the airport for every member of your family. All of this is part of the reason why more couples are scaling their weddings down and making them more intimate, with only a few family and friends, or even no one else at all. Shouldn’t your wedding be about you and not the expectations of a bunch of other people? Even if culture and tradition is important to you? The best part of a “Just Us” elopement package, you come first and you are the highest priority. No stressing out over how to cater to five different food allergies and picky kids, no wondering if the hotel you booked will somehow mess up your accommodations for 25 people, no fretting over whether or not the DJ will be to everyone’s taste. Our New Orleans Elopement Package For Two New Orleans is perfect for every size elopement, but I know just the right place for the ultimate elopement for just two. Magnolia Elopement Package $1990 + tax Collection of trusted and professional makeup artists, restaurants, hotels and other vendors will be provided Ceremony photos followed by full photo session around ceremony location – up to 1.5 hours photography coverage (50) professionally edited hi-res images in an online gallery for downloading, sharing and printing (print release included) Officiant who will assist with obtaining marriage license Private Online Gallery for 60 days to share with loved ones​​​ Personalized e-announcement with a photo from your day – delivered within 72 hours of ceremony Want to experience the magic for yourself? Please get in touch with us so we can start helping you put together the elopement of your dreams!

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