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Must Try Foods to Indulge in During Your New Orleans Elopement

Also known as one of the culinary capitals of the US, a New Orleans Elopement is a great place simply for the dining options it offers, especially if you’re looking to relish some amazing delicacies you can’t really get anywhere else.

If your tickets are booked and your bags are packed, here’s a little help to make sure your stay in the city before and after your elopement is full of deliciousness. 

Keep reading to discover some of the unforgettable New Orleans classics that you absolutely need to try when you’re here, and places that make them the best.

6 Classics for your New Orleans Elopement


If you love foods that are packed full of flavor, New Orleans has everything you could ever ask for. One such flavorful dish are gumbos, seafood stews that have long been a staple of southern eating.  

For starters, don’t forget to give the gumbos at Gumbo Shop a try- from the classics to some others with delicious twists- you’re in for a good surprise here, and that’s obvious considering how this place has won the ‘Best Gumbo’ award every time. 


If you’re talking about breakfast foods you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss out on treating yourself to some delicious beignets- the traditional New Orleans favorite!

This deep fried pastry is sprinkled with powdered sugar over the top and tastes absolutely divine, and if you’re looking forward to tasting it, Cafe Beignet is the place to be! Best of all, this place has an amazing menu that serves so many other delicious breakfast items too- you’ll actually be spoiled for choice here. If you’re a fan of all breakfast treats and you find yourself in New Orleans for any reason, including your elopement, you’re not going to want to skip out on visiting this place.

Chargrilled Oysters!

If seafood spells love for you, and oysters are your weak spot, you definitely won’t be disappointed when you’re here.

New Orleans is famous for its unique traditional seafood dishes, and is the home to some of the best chargrilled and charbroiled oysters in the country.

Felix serves some of the best plump and delicious chargrilled oysters, and the place is pocket friendly too. If you’re looking to taste some authentic charbroiled oysters or just purchase a kit that helps you make them yourself, Dragos is the place to visit. 

Bananas Foster!

If you’re in New Orleans, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on tasting the Bananas Foster, another staple and trademark of the area.

One of the most loved desserts, and there’s nowhere better to sample it than at Brennan’s.

This dramatic dessert tastes amazing, and after you’ve had your fill, you’ll be left with a smile on your face! Don’t be surprised if you find people who have dined elsewhere to arrive at Brennan’s just for dessert, it’s that good. We already featured Brennan’s in our piece on the best romantic restaurants for the newly married couple in New Orleans!


Whether you’ve heard of Po’boys or you haven’t, make sure you don’t miss out on giving them a try when you’re in New Orleans, and Johnny’s Po-Boys helps you do just that!

Known for being the oldest Po’boy restaurant in the world, this place serves the classic and rich Po’boys that will tickle your taste buds. Choose from their extensive menu or try one of their specials, you won’t be disappointed. These down south staples might have you coming back for another trip!


Napoleon House is a must visit if you’re looking forward to trying muffalettas, the quintessential New Orleans sandwich which is packed with cured meat and cheese and is slathered with a tangy olive salad and is heated to intensify the flavors.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that it is just another “sandwich” –  you can try, but you can’t finish one yourself – that’s how filling and hearty it is!  You absolutely won’t find another sandwich quite like it outside of the city, so while you’re there, be sure to grab one.

I hope you found this article resourceful.  Don’t forget, we are elopement specialist so if you or someone you know is looking to marry in New Orleans, we’d be honored to help!

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