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Elopement Packages

Custom Elopement Packages In Breathtaking New Orleans, Louisiana

Wanna know our secret?  We are more than photographers – we are elopement planning specialists that offers elopement packages in New Orleans (and now serving our couples on the Ms Gulf Coast)

Are you interested in working with a team that…

  • Knows the best hidden gem photography locations only a NOLA resident could
  • Has relationships with wedding vendors throughout the city (that offer great discounts to our clients!)
  • Keeps a list of charismatic officiants and talented florists in our back pockets
  • Is passionate about planning personal and picturesque elopements
  • Has elopement packages within New Orleans to help you
Elopement Packages New Orleans in park

Learn more about how we will create your perfect day…

Traditional weddings works for some, but not everyone. If you’re looking into elopements, it’s because you know you don’t want that…but you’re not sure what the next step is. Rest assured because you’re in the right place. Your wedding day should be about how you feel on your special day- the reason behind the love in your eyes.

At Ibay Photography, we have a different view of what “weddings” should look like- anything you want! We create intimate ceremonies that highlight couples’ connection. At your elopement, the focus should be on you. Have you always dreamt of saying your vows under the Tree of Life? Let’s do it! Are you and your spouse-to-be obsessed with vibrant colors and architecture? I know the perfect spot!

Together, we will craft your vision of your ideal elopement- and then you can sit back and watch as we bring your vision to life! As resident New Orleans elopement experts, we will help plan every detail! We’ve also created all-inclusive elopement packages within New Orleans to help you.  Or… contact a photographer for hourly photography only coverage 🙂

But how does it work? Here’s the step-by-step process.

Elopement Packages New Orleans

We are passionate about creating budget-friendly, stress-free elopements for our couples

Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind, intimate day that you’ll never forget. Detailed planning assistance is included with every elopement package within New Orleans offered.

An amazing photographer is key to capturing your beautiful wedding day. But to create a truly special day perfect for you and your spouse, you need an elopement expert

Elopement weddings are unique, custom and intimate. They’re not meant to be like big, stressful traditional weddings. So no two should ever be the same! Work with a photographer who is also an New Orleans elopement expert. We know New Orleans inside and out, which means every detail of your day will be a reflection of the vision you have for your wedding day.

So what else can you do on your elopement day?