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How to get married on a French Quarter Balcony in New Orleans – Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Imagine saying your vows amid the boisterous energy of Bourbon Street and the charming history of the architecturally rich city, in the center of New Orleans’ vivacious French Quarter. The French Quarter balcony at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel offers a distinctive and romantic setting. We’ll walk you through the process of organizing your ideal wedding at this legendary hotel in this blog post. Continue to read if you want to ensure an unforgettable celebration of your love.

Deciding on the Perfect Location

The right location must be chosen as the first step in organizing your French Quarter balcony wedding. There are a number of breathtaking balconies in the French Quarter but we think that the Bourbon Orleans Hotel are the best offering expansive views of the French Quarter. The hotel’s balconies can accommodate your needs whether you prefer a just the two of you elopement or a small-scale get-together. With the help of the ibay photography team, we can assist with selecting the ideal location for your ceremony.

Why is the Bourbon Orleans Hotel balcony one of New Orleans’ most popular ceremony locations?

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel balcony is celebrated as one of the most sought-after ceremony locations in the vibrant city of New Orleans for several compelling reasons. With its prime position in the historic French Quarter, it offers couples an unrivaled backdrop of authentic New Orleans charm. It is adorned with centuries-old architecture and the lively pulse of the city’s streets. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel offers one of the most unique backdrops for your intimate ceremony.

Tip: To ensure a comfortable ceremony, most French Quarter balconies can accommodate up to 6 guests. This is what helps create a truly unique and cozy elopement ceremony. The best benefit is being right in the heart of the music scene, savory restaurants and architecturally stunning buildings for amazing post ceremony photos all within walking distance of your ceremony spot! For more information, please contact Ibay Photography.

Choosing the Time and Date

A distinct charm that changes throughout the day can be found in New Orleans. To achieve the atmosphere you want, take into account the time of your ceremony. Evening weddings give you the chance to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the French Quarter, while enjoying the romantic backdrop of the golden sunset. Find a time and date that work for you by speaking with your photographer. Lean on your photographers experience when selecting a time of day to marry!

Legal Prerequisites

You must meet certain legal requirements before getting married in New Orleans. Check that you have a valid marriage license from the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court. Check out all the paperwork needed to obtain a Louisiana marriage license HERE, which is typically valid for up to 30 days. Two witnesses will also be required to sign your marriage license during the ceremony (we will assist with this for our “Just Us” couples)

Make Your Ceremony Unique

Make your French Quarter balcony wedding unique to your love story. Write personalized vows or consider incorporating New Orleans traditions such as a second line parade, in which you and your guests can dance through the streets to the sounds of a brass band. Collaborate with us to incorporate your personal touches.

Stunning Scenes and Possibilities for Photos

Hiring a professional photographer will help you preserve the memories of your special day. From the historic architecture to the lively streets, New Orleans provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos. Every nook oozes the romance and elegance that characterize New Orleans, from the wrought-iron railings to the charming courtyards below. To ensure that your vision is captured, make sure to discuss your photography preferences with the professionals. Please contact Ibay Photography via our booking calendar if you require any additional information about your professional photographs.

Ceremonies that are Both Intimate and Memorable

The balconies of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel satisfy couples looking for a private and intimate wedding setting. These can hold both intimate get-togethers and larger celebrations. While also making sure that your ceremony feels specially designed to suit your needs. The Bourbon Orleans location almost guarantees that your French Quarter balcony wedding will be a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable event. Enjoy the moment with your loved ones while embracing the vibrant energy of the city. Let the magic of New Orleans add to your celebration.

The only way to further elaborate on the personal and memorable moments is to provide a brief client testimonial 🙂

We wed this couple on August 13, 2023!  Breaux from Berwick, Louisiana 

Our Story: We met while he was in grad school and was a student at the clinic I was working at. After his clinical rotation, he found me on Facebook and asked me out. We started dating in April 2010 and were married 8/13/11. Elizabeth (our daughter) was born 12/15/14. We divorced in May 2021 and began reconciling in September 2022. Then married again 8/13/23 on the same exact date of our first wedding on the balconies of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.  Our Experience with Ibay Photography: Marcia is a delight to work with and coordinated our officiant, florist, and baker. Her team of vendors were pleasant to work with and personalized our day through a surprisingly stress free planning process. Our photos are gorgeous and they were very quickly delivered after our event. I highly recommend planning your elopement/small wedding with Marcia!

How New Orleans Culture is at its Core

The city of New Orleans is well known for its thriving spirit, vibrant music, and rich culture. You and your guests will be able to fully experience this culture by holding your ceremony on the balcony of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. An unforgettable wedding experience is created when the French Quarter’s vibrant sounds, alluring architecture, and time-honored customs are combined.

Service that is Personalized and Professional

Your special day will go off without a hitch thanks to the Bourbon Orleans Hotel’s excellent facilities. Your ceremony will be meticulously planned by our experienced event coordinators. We will work closely with you to decide on finer details such as timing and logistics. After your ceremony on the balcony, you can move your guests to any number of our world renown restaurants throughout the French Quarter or the neighboring areas or the hotel has it’s own restaurant on property as well. Consider providing a taste of Creole and Cajun flavors for your guests at a nearby restaurant because New Orleans is known for its cuisine. With this tailored approach, your dream wedding is made to happen.

More than just a venue for ceremonies, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel balcony serves as a gateway to the heart of the French Quarter and the very soul of New Orleans. It is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the city due to its unique blend of historic charm, recognizable views, intimate settings, cultural diversity, and committed service. The romantic journey that couples who choose to exchange vows on these balconies take beautifully weaves their love story with the alluring spirit of New Orleans. For more info on marrying in New Orleans, connect with us! We would be honored to help you organize your elopement at the most sought-after ceremony locations in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

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