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How to Elope in Pirate’s Alley New Orleans – Ibay Photography

How to Elope in Pirate’s Alley New Orleans? New Orleans is known for its historic landmarks and rich artistic culture. Due to its large amount of parks, hotels, aesthetic streets and historic landmarks, it is also a wonderful place to get married. There are many places that cater specifically to elopements in this exciting city, from beautiful plantations to magical parks overflowing with historic oaks.

How to Elope in Pirate’s Alley New Orleans

One of the most popular places to get married is in Pirates Alley, where people come from all over the country just to visit. This simple “alley” is a part of the historic French Quarter and is known for its beautiful architecture and access to bars and other quaint shops, as well as bordering the gorgeous St. Louis Cathedral.

It’s up for contention whether or not there were ever really “pirates” there, but the alley was known for its colorful and intriguing variety of patrons, where it’s said everyone from General Andrew Jackson to William Faulkner paid a visit.

While the exciting origins of Pirate’s Alley are certainly a topic history buffs love to discuss, what there can be no question about is the overall appeal of the location for elopements. The atmosphere alone draws hundreds of couples every year to visit this very location just to tie the knot.

It is a photographer’s dream to capture a wedding at this historic location because the natural lighting combined with the antique architecture will create wedding photos that couples can appreciate years after their big day, which is one of the reasons why I love when couples pick this spot.

Elopement Weddings in New Orleans, LA with Ibay Photography

If you are looking for a photographer for your Pirate’s Alley elopement ceremony, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you capture every magical moment of your big day. If you are interested in getting married at Pirate’s Alley but aren’t quite sure how to go about planning such an event, here is a brief guide:

How to Elope in Pirate’s Alley New Orleans – New Orleans

Because Pirate’s Alley is an actual alley, or walkable street, there is no need for a permit and you don’t technically need to notify anyone, but there’s still some logistics you want to factor in so everything goes smoothly.

How Much Does it Cost to Marry in Pirates Alley

The cost of your Pirate’s Alley elopement ceremony will depend on the amount of guests you have and what kinds of extras you want to include.

Since there is no specific cost for the venue itself, that is a money saver, and keep in mind that there is limited room at Pirate’s Alley, so it’s best for more intimate elopement experiences rather than a large ceremony.

Generally, 15 or fewer guests are recommended for Pirate’s Alley. Keep in mind also that the location is standing room only, you can’t bring chairs.

When creating your wedding budget, don’t forget to include a photographer! It’s absolutely crucial that you hire a professional photographer to capture your special day so you can avoid the blurry or thumb-in-the-way photos that your family members might take. You deserve to have a wedding album full of high quality pictures that beautifully capture every aspect of your wedding.

I have shot many weddings in New Orleans and have several wedding photography packages available

What does a Ceremony Look Like in Pirates Alley?

If you’d like to get an image of what your ceremony at the historic Pirate’s Alley might look like, here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions I get from curious couples:

Who will marry us?

As Pirate’s Alley is a public venue, you will be required to provide your own wedding officiant.  Ibay Photography packages include a licensed officiant who specializes in 24 hour waiver as well. See our packages which include all you need!

How many guests can we invite?

Pirate’s Alley is a perfect wedding venue for smaller, more intimate elopements. Generally it’s suitable for 15 guests or fewer.

Is there parking?

As Pirate’s Alley is literally an alley, or pedestrian walk, it doesn’t have parking. However, there is easy access to public parking across from the St. Louis Cathedral on nearby Decatur Street.

What day/time is best to get married at Pirate’s Alley?

Pirate’s Alley is open to the public and has no official closing or opening times, nor any specific times where elopements can be hosted. However, it is recommended to avoid tourist times, such as during Mardi Gras, as well as Friday Nights and all day Saturday year round.

This is a public pedestrian street, so there WILL be tourists consistently walking thru the street. Most New Orleanians and tourist will respect the event and try and walk as close to the sides to avoid disrupting the event however we cannot “block off” space for the elopement.

If tourists want to walk thru, we must let them. This is why choosing a weekday over a Friday and Saturday will help with avoiding large crowds.  It is New Orleans and most couples welcome the fun, eclectic and vibrant people that will be surrounding their wedding ceremony.

To Sum Up

​I hope that you enjoyed this short, informative guide to getting married at Pirate’s Alley in New Orleans. No matter which city you decide to get married in, it’s important that you hire locals to help with the planning. This is crucial.
Locals know the best restaurants, flower vendors, decorators and more to make your big day the best it can possibly be. Hiring local is the only way to ensure that your wedding day goes as planned.

In addition to hiring local vendors and wedding planners, hiring a local photographer is also incredibly important. Local photographers know the wedding venues in their city inside and out, including the best spots for wedding photos. If you would like to hire an experienced local photographer for your wedding, reach out to us.

We would be honored to capture your special day!

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