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How to Get Married at City Park – New Orleans

How to Get Married at City Park? A scenic, storied locale that began as a mishmash of plantation grounds and even a dueling spot for noblemen, City Park has since been transformed into one of New Orleans’s most beloved public recreation and cultural centers.

What makes City Park so extravagant is its lush natural beauty and historic attractions, including a full-fledged botanical garden, a sculpture garden, and the New Orleans Museum of Art, as well as any number of natural and manmade wonders, like the famous “Dueling Oak” tree and aesthetic stone footbridges.

How To Get Married At New Orleans City Park Wedding

This natural beauty and accessible location in the heart of New Orleans makes it an ideal hotspot for elopements and weddings.

What could be more romantic?

To that end, City Park is also an ideal destination for photographers. There are so many gorgeous and unique photo opportunities here that it’s no wonder so many couples decide to not only have their elopement photos taken in the Park, but choose to hold their entire ceremony here as well!

Certainly, between the many expansive lakes, streams, variety of trees and bushes, winding paths and sprawling vistas, there are plenty of places within the park that are not only a dream for couples looking to elope, but a gift for photographers as well!

Who will marry us?

Since City Park is open to the public, you will need to bring your own officiant to perform the ceremony. We can help you secure an officiant to meet all of your needs, who is licensed in Orleans Parish. We also include officiants’ services with our elopement package.

Where can I marry in City Park?

City Park is open all year ‘round, each day starting 30 minutes before sunrise and closing 30 minutes after sunset, barring special events. This is perfect for most wedding and elopement needs, because we recommend holding your ceremony or photoshoots just after sunrise or within two hours of sunset, for the best possible lighting. Post covid-19, the park is issuing permits to marry at Butler Fountain with a permit fee of $250.

What is required to marry in City Park?

Besides an excellent wedding or elopement planner (which is one of our specialties!), all you’re really going to need is any required permit. Your planner will help you take care of this, or you can contact the Director of Special Events.

What is the cost?

Please call City Park Sales at (504) 488-2896 for information on any permits required. There are certain areas of the park that may be rented for larger private ceremonies and will allow you to bring chairs.  Any public areas of the park will not allow chairs to be setup.

Alternatively, your wedding or elopement planner can handle much of these kinds of details so you don’t get bogged down. Often City Park will work alongside wedding planners to facilitate on-site catering and other services, but this will of course add to the cost. Your planner can put together a package for you that saves you the most money while giving you the ceremony of a lifetime.

How many guests can we invite?

Up to 20 guests. If larger than 20 guests, City Park will require one of their larger spaces to be rented, rates vary.

There are many large open areas in City Park that are perfect for photography backdrops.  The oak trees, cobblestone bridges, fountain areas are all amazing locations for additional photography opportunities.

How do we get to City Park, New Orleans? 

It’s truly hard to miss City Park, it’s a massive attraction in the heart of New Orleans – even larger than Central Park! That being said, it might be hard to find for anyone who is not familiar with the city and needs just a bit of guidance getting there.

Probably the easiest way to get there from the French Quarter, is to travel north from Louis Armstrong Park until you hit Esplanade Avenue, which is a main street running through the bulk of the city. If you turn left on Esplanade Avenue and head Northwest, you will wind up right in the middle of City Park.

New Orleans is an extremely easy to travel city, so keep on the lookout for signage that will point you in the right direction.

To Sum Up

Hopefully you found this information on City Park useful for your upcoming elopement or wedding. Feel free to contact us anytime if you want to talk about a package deal just for you, so you can experience the magic of City Park for yourself!

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