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How To Get Married In Exchange Alley New Orleans

How To Get Married In Exchange Alley New Orleans? How would you like to celebrate your wedding day? If simplicity is your cup of tea, why not try an intimate but more meaningful elopement in the best place in New Orleans? And when you think about the best place in the city, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the French Quarter in New Orleans.

One cannot deny the fact that the streets of the French Quarter serves as an impeccable wedding venue. A lot of couples have decided to elope in this place and have held the most intimate wedding they could ever wish for. What if I tell you that you can get married at the best spot in French Quarter, hassle free and within your budget? Sounds like a great plan right?

How To Get Married In Exchange Alley New Orleans

Get married at Exchange Alley

Like any other streets in the French Quarter, Exchange Alley has its own beauty and history. This spot is known as one of the most famous walkways in the French Quarter. Previously called Place de Exchange, it was supposed to be the second back entrance to the Merchant’s Exchange on Royal Street where it played an important part in the city’s street commerce.

The U.S. district court was previously located in this area before it was destroyed by a fire in the 1960s. Built in 1831 this Alley has been the heart of street weddings in New Orleans. The beautifully situated buildings and shops complements the romantic ambiance for a wedding and serves as a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. 

Nowadays where low-key is the new party, you would probably want to spend your wedding in a cozier and more organized venue. Yet if you still want to have that lively vibe with a pinch of intimacy, Exchange Alley is perfect for you. Amongst the spots in the French Quarter, Exchange Alley is one of those distinct streets that feels calm and relaxed ambiance but still full of life. Your elopement here will be a one of a kind experience. 

Getting married at Exchange Alley?

Getting married at Exchange Alley means you can have that meaningful ceremony with a fun feeling at the same time. Feel that southern comfort right at the center of French Quarter where it is intimate and breezy at the same time. Every corner of Exchange Alley is picturesque representing the finest New Orleans architecture.

Imagine being surrounded by an array of colorful structures, romantically positioned lampposts, and beautifully cobbled pavement. Just passing by the alley would make you want to hold hands and get married there at any time of the day. An elopement at exchange alley can indeed be a special celebration and unique experience that you will always remember. 

What are the steps to Marrying in Exchange Alley?

Contact a local elopement specialist who knows the ins and outs of weddings in the French Quarter, New Orleans.  The alley is open to the public and there is no permit required.  We like to keep elopement weddings under 10 people due to the size of the alley.

It’s a perfect, intimate space!  When you hire an all-inclusive elopement company, you will also have your officiant and florals included.  We suggest marrying either really early morning around 8:30am or two hours prior to sunset for the most optimal lighting!

Don’t take our word for it, see our recent experience from a sweet couple who married in Exchange Alley:  “Our day was everything and more! From start to finish Marcia was just amazing. The planning was made so simple and seamless, cause of her.

I still keep tearing up tears of joy when I look at our photos, she did such a beautiful job of capturing our day. The way Colleen or should I say Mamma C officiated our wedding, was also just amazing, she made our vows so special. We couldn’t have asked for a better team, we consider them family now. ❤️❤️❤️

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