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What NOT to do When Eloping Guide

    You’ve decided to forgo all the stress of wedding planning and run off just the two of you to say I Do. But just because this plan is much easier to pull off, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some effort. Check out this “How to Elope” guide for tips for the five things you might forget to do before eloping.

    How to Elope Guide – 5 Things not to Forget

    1. Don’t Forget To Take Care of Your Legal Work.  Nothing gets in the way of a romantic destination elopement more than forgetting to get all of the legalities out of the way. You might think it’s okay if you just wing this part because you’re not planning a huge wedding, but it’s just as important. You don’t want to have to be thinking about this side of things while you’re supposed to be enjoying time with your significant other.

    Make sure all of your paperwork is ready, completed, and out of the way. That way, your getaway will be headache free and your union will be official.


    1. Don’t Forget To Invest in a Planning Service.  Local wedding planners are essential and do more than just cater to huge traditional weddings. If you want your perfect day to go off without a hitch, you’re going to want someone managing everything in the background for you.

    An elopement should be stress free and full of romantic events planned out – treating it otherwise will only give you headaches. Why would you want to risk not having a reservation at the restaurant you had your heart set on, or not being able to find a certain venue because you don’t know the area that well yet? Elopement and wedding planning services take all the hassle away, save you time, money, and best of all, they are experts at maximizing your enjoyment.


    1. Don’t Forget To Create a Theme.  What direction do you want your elopement to go? Are you looking for an earthy feel, a tropical getaway, something fancy, or super casual? In order to have the best possible experience, plan ahead of time what theme your elopement will have. This will make planning for everything else that much easier.

    One of the easiest ways to get tangled in your own wedding plans is to dive in without an idea of what you really want to do. Once you decide on a theme, that will set the pace for everything else, including catering, flowers, decorations, cake, dresses, and more. You might even want to base your elopement destination on what your theme is.


    1. Don’t Forget To Hire Professional Photography ServicesYou’re going to want great photos of all your special moments. Often, a good wedding or elopement planning service can help you out in this regard, and others provide in house photography services (like us), but either way, you don’t want to skip over this point.

    One of the most important aspects of planning an elopement is deciding early on how big of an event are you planning and who’s invited. The sooner you hash those details out the better, that way you can get the word out to the right people when it’s time.

    Knowing what NOT to do on your elopement is just as important as knowing what TO do. With these tips, you’ll be better prepared and you will be less likely to make any mistakes along the way.  For more information on eloping and best locations, visit our partner site HERE!

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