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Top places to visit while in New Orleans

Whenever we travel we always want to experience the best out of every place we visit. Aside from the tourist spots, we look forward to meeting new people, discovering different cuisines, immersing ourselves in the rich culture and making amazing memories. It’s no wonder that New Orleans is one of the most perfect destinations for you to experience all of that and more.  As a lifelong New Orleanian, I have composed a list of the very best must see places in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  1. The French Quarter

This is the oldest and most famous area in the city of New Orleans. Visiting the French Quarter is like stepping into a new realm where the classic and modern blend well together. Despite various colonial influences each street is filled with harmonious and captivating ambiance which simply makes it unique. Fall in love with its architecture and witness the beauty of 18th century French homes and historic buildings. 

What to do 

Walk around Bourbon Street and party 24/7 or be entertained by the impressive jazz music around the area. Be captivated by the art galleries, antique shops, fine dining and boutiques at Royal Street and listen to a wide variety of music at Frenchman Street. Last but not the least, don’t forget to drop by Jackson Square, the historic park of French Quarter. Check out the artworks of local artists and see the beauty St. Louis Cathedral which is also a perfect sight for weddings.  

Don’t Miss 

Jazz shows, Hurricane’s from Pat OBriens, Daiquiris in go cups and Beignets

  1. Uptown/Garden District 

If you’re a fan of grandeur and elegant Victorian houses, then a trip to Uptown NOLA is something you shouldn’t miss. The mansions in the Garden District look like something that came out of a Hollywood movie or something that you have probably pictured while reading a classic novel. Uptown is a scene for romantically built mansions, so captivating you cannot help but fall in-love with it.  

​What to do 

The best way to explore the most brilliant part of uptown is riding the oldest operating streetcar line in the world, the St. Charles Streetcar. Riding the streetcar is like hitting two birds with one stone plus it is really affordable. St. Charles Streetcar is the longest line in the city that will not only take you to the best part of the Garden District but you will also pass through some notable spots like Central Business District, Lee Circle and a glimpse of the National World War II Museum. Then, take a long walk into the streets covered by old oaks and pass by those elegant 19th century houses in the Garden District or uncover the beauty of Lafayette Cemetery, which is also one of the must see places in the area. 

Don’t Miss 

Shop at Magazine or Oak Street.  For overnight stays, the Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast is certainly “Grandeur” and right on the streetcar line for a quick ride into the French Quarter

  1. Natchez Steamboat 

Sailing on the historic Natchez Steamboat as it traverses the Mississippi river is a-must when you are in NOLA. You can learn more about the history of the city while looking at its breath-taking view along the river. Make beautiful memories while on board, dine, listen to good music and enjoy the ride.

What to do 

Take a cruise either morning, lunch time or afternoon. If you check online, you will already see a lot of options to book a boat tour. You might probably want to take the tour during the afternoon because of the breath-taking sunset, though the steamboat experience itself can be quite satisfying. Imagine being serenaded by a live band while surrounded by the beautiful view of the city along the water. It is one of the best places to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even intimate weddings. 

  1. Swamp Tour 

Get closer to nature by visiting the famous swamps of Louisiana. Be transported to a whole new world of water, wildlife and wilderness. Swamps are a habitat to different kinds of animals and are rich in biodiversity, from alligators to fleeting birds. It is majestic in its own way with abundant trees reflecting in the calm water and the slight thrill of encountering alligators and other wildlife. 

What to do 

Get out of the city and take the Cajun Encounters Tour to discover the most beautiful swamp you could ever see. It is nearly 70,000 acres of protected wildlife area and finely laid cypress trees. Taking a swamp tour is a unique and memorable experience that you should definitely try. 

  1. Algiers point

The second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and a modest counterpart of the French Quarter. It is dubbed as New Orleans’ Best Kept secret since it is quite an isolated and less travelled place in the city but certainly worthy of your time. Out of all the places you will visit in NOLA, Algiers point will be the closest place that feels like home away from home. 

What to do 

Take a ferry ride from Canal Street to Algiers point. Walk through the path along the river and rest in front of the river bank with the best view of the city. Walk along the streets of colorful Creole houses and historical structures. Visit a glass studio and art galleries then dine at the local restaurant of your choice. This place is called NOLA’s best kept secret for a reason and it is better for you to find out why.  

Known as a melting pot of diverse cultures, New Orleans has a lot to offer from food, history, art and architecture. This place is filled with romantic venues perfect for weddings too, no wonder it’s also a top destination for couples who wish to tie the knot. Without a doubt, anyone who visits will never get enough of this truly unique destination. For more information on getting married in New Orleans, visit


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