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How to Get Married at Audubon Park in New Orleans Louisiana

How to Get Married at Audubon Park in New Orleans? This gorgeous world-renown park in the heart of New Orleans has in recent years been attracting more and more couples looking for the perfect elopement spot.

It’s no wonder: Audubon Park as an elopement venue has it all. Amazing scenery, picturesque photography opportunities at every turn, picnic areas, riding stables, a lagoon, a planetarium, a zoo, and more. There is a ton of history, culture, and fun packed into its modest 350 acres.

What couples love about Audubon Park is its rustic southern charm. Nothing flashy or out of place, just the perfect backdrop of ancient oak trees, luscious gardens, and still lakes to frame your special day. Add this to the fact that the park is located in the middle of one of the finest elopement-friendly cities in the entire country, and you have yourself a premiere elopement destination for any size or type of ceremony.

How To Get Married At Audubon Park In The Heart Of New Orleans

For couples looking forward to stunning photographs of their elopement, Audubon Park never disappoints in this area. There’s something about the park that brings fantasy to life. Its quaint gardens, stone footbridges, and massive trees are truly a sight to behold, and make photographing elopements there a delight!

Ceremony Location Options

So the first step to getting eloped at Audubon Park is deciding where in the park you want your ceremony. Keep in mind that depending on where in the park you choose, you may have to get permission and pay a permit fee from the Audubon Institute. In terms of elopement or wedding fees, they are typically very small, but it is something you want to be aware of beforehand.

Tree of Life
The famous, massive, gnarly oak of New Orleans is right here in Audubon Park. This majestic treasure of the city has become one of the most famous local backdrops for eloping couples. There’s nowhere else quite like it, if you’re looking for a that natural rustic vibe to your ceremony.

Audubon Park Fountain at St. Charles
The entrance pavilion to the park sports one of its most iconic attractions, the Fountain at St. Charles. Also known as the Gumbel Memorial Fountain, this gorgeous fountain sits amid a cultivated garden and makes a perfect location for an elopement ceremony.

The Labyrinth
Another amazing natural location to host an elopement, the Labyrinth is a series of stone walkways that are actually mandalas meant to help facilitate you on a meditative journey. They are also commonly used as simply a beautiful setting for ceremonies and gatherings.

There are other areas in the Park that make great ceremony locations, but these three are probably the most obvious and natural. The best part about getting eloped in Audubon Park is that before or after the actual ceremony, you have the rest of the park to explore and experience.

Who Will Marry Us?

Audubon Park is after all a public park open to anyone, so you will need to bring your own officiant to conduct the ceremony. We can help you secure a knowledgeable and personable officiant who is licensed in Orleans Parish, and this is a service we offer in our elopement packages.

What Times Are Available For A Ceremony?

Audubon Park is open basically all day every day, making it an east choice for couples looking for flexible options. Their official open hours are from 5am to 10pm all week long. If you want our advice for an optimal time to hold an elopement ceremony for your photos to come out their best, you should think about holding your ceremony just after sunrise, or around 2 hours before sunset. This way the lighting will be just right.

Do I Need Anything To Elope At Audubon Park – New Orleans?

You will most likely need a permit. Just contact the city at 504-212-5420 or by email: (best method for contact). Getting a permit for park events is far easier than booking a hotel or some other indoor venue, so don’t worry about it. Just call and tell them your plans!

How Much Does A Ceremony Cost?

If it’s just you and your significant other, nothing at all. For a ceremony with any guests involved, a $150-$175 (fees may change, call the city to get an accurate quote)  permit will be required. One of the best parts about getting married in the Park as opposed to other venues and indoor locations, is that the costs are very minimal. Take this into consideration when you are planning your elopement!

Is There A Limit To How Many Guests Can Witness?

Generally speaking, as many as you want! The great thing about outdoor ceremonies is that you pretty much have a lot more room to work with. Just remember that the park doesn’t provide seating, so you will have to take this into account when planning. One of the appeals of getting eloped is that “less is more,” so you may want to think hard about inviting a hundred people just because you can!

How Do We Get To New Orleans Audubon Park?

Many out-of-town couples who plan on getting married at Audubon Park don’t realize that they need directions. Audubon Park spans a whopping 350 acres, but if you are unfamiliar with New Orleans, that doesn’t mean much! If you don’t know where you’re going in the park, you’ll be wandering for quite some time.

The good news is that, with directions, the park isn’t at all difficult to find. Here are some general directions for anyone unfamiliar with the area.

I hope that you found this guide to eloping in Audubon Park helpful! If you are getting married anywhere in the New Orleans area, I would be honored to photograph your wedding. Please don’t hesitate to email me at: or schedule a call to learn more about my process and the packages available.

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