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Just eloped in New Orleans? What to do the next day

Congratulations, You just eloped in New Orleans! You’re Married!!!

Just Eloped in New Orleans

Now that you guys have just celebrated the best day of your lives…what are the best things to do after your wedding day?  Tour the most romantic city in the world of course!

Here is an ideal perfect day in New Orleans:

1. Have beignets and coffee at Cafe Beignet on Royal Street. Most tourist believe the only place to enjoy our famous beignets is to visit Cafe Du Monde on Decatur St.  Just a few short blocks is a very quaint shop called Cafe Beignet that sells (in my opinion) even better beignets than the original.  An added bonus…no 2 mile long lines here!

2. Catch the free shuttle service to Mardi Gras World and see the amazing Mardi Gras floats up close and personal…then catch the streetcar that follows St. Charles Ave and take it all the way to the river (ask the driver which stop drops you off at Camelia Grill for lunch). The antebellum homes and historic areas of Uptown New Orleans will impress you….. OR after beignets and coffee, jump on the Algiers Ferry and take a short ride over to the westbank side of the river (soak in the great city views while on the ferry). When you arrive in Algiers, walk over to the Rosetree blown glass studio and grab lunch at Dry Dock Cafe.

3. When back in the French Quarter, grab a daiquiri “to go” from anywhere on Decatur St and walk along the river toward Crescent Park OR grab a super short uber ride over to City Park and see the majestic oaks with picturesque moss, cobblestone bridges and the vast beauty of this 1300 acre green space.  Did you know that City Park is actually larger than Central Park in New York??

4. End your day back in the French Quarter at the Hotel Monteleone for cocktails (are you getting the theme here in New Orleans? It’s all about the spirits…haha) before dinner. The Carousel Bar is world re-known for it’s replicated Carousel bar that revolves around just like an actual carousel (verryyy slowly) while you enjoy some of the best drinks you’ve ever had in New Orleans.

There are so many truly authentic New Orleans restaurants serving some of the best meals you will have the pleasure of tasting.  The French Quarter, Garden District and Uptown New Orleans are great places to start.

Hope you enjoy your mini-moon here in New Orleans after your wedding day.  We offer affordable and unique elopement packages in New Orleans.  Reach out to us for any suggestions, we love our city and love sharing our experiences with you!

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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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