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How to Elope in New Orleans for under $5000

How to Elope in New Orleans for under $5000? One of the most appealing parts of eloping over a traditional wedding is that the cost is substantially less, leaving you with more money to spend on making memories and having fun.

Is your dream to get married in a fancy, gorgeous city like New Orleans yet you are wondering about the cost of an elopement there? Don’t worry, we have everything you need to know right here. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have your dream ceremony come to life!

Much of the cost of a traditional wedding is in the fluff, which has nothing to do with the whole point of the marriage itself: the couple. When you cut out the extraneous costs, you would be surprised how easy it is to budget for a fantastic and magical elopement that you would never forget.

Breakdown of some of the costs

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs you can expect if you wanted a famous NOLA Elopement (prices are based on normal seasons, special events like Mardi Gras and holidays like Halloween could effect the prices below):

Airfare for 2 – $800 or drive in (gas and mileage costs depending on hours driven)

2 Night Hotel Stay – $900 (We recommend Canal Street Inn or Hotel Monteleone)

Celebratory Dinner for 2 – $250

Hair/Makeup – $175

Obligatory world famous beignets and cocktails ($45)

Royale Elopement Package$2290…Includes officiant, flowers and our professional photography services.

Marriage License – $45 (Ibay Photography will provide a list of all necessary documents to apply for license)

Elope in New Orleans for under $5000

Total – $4500 plus any applicable taxes (pricing based on typical season – exclusive of holidays or special citywide events like Mardi Gras)

Enough in the budget for fun New Orleans tours and attractions! A typical wedding can cost more than five times this much on average, and that comes with a truckload of headache. An elopement is simple and focuses on fun, making memories, and romance.

It’s no secret why couples everywhere are flocking to exotic and fun venues like New Orleans, because that’s what a marriage should be about: you, your significant other, and the romance.

The Key to an Affordable Elopement

Want to know our biggest tip to have an affordable (and unique) elopement?
– Select a Free or Small Permit ceremony location! Local parks, French Quarter alleys, botanical gardens or the courtyard of your Air B&B are all locations found in numerous spots throughout New Orleans. Most of these unique and romantic spots are free to the public (keep in mind other people nearby utilizing the same spaces). Some areas may have a small permit fee required (most of the time under $275)

There’s always the urge to whisk you and your beloved off on a magical adventure to an unknown city, but you’re likely going to spend more, waste more time, and have more headaches if you go in without a plan.

Yes, an elopement should be exciting and spontaneous, but you want to cut costs and have fun, right? To make the most out of the experience and ensure that you stay under $5000, choose a company that has experience and knowledge of your chosen destination. There are numerous benefits and virtually no drawbacks to hiring an elopement photographer. With the help of an elopement photographer, you will have someone take all the remaining complications and headaches out of your special day, leaving you to just enjoy the moment.

Grab our 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and receive a FREE checklist!

For more information or to reach Ibay Photography/, send us a message at:  See more details for the Royale Elopement Package.

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