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Why Getting Eloped is the Top Marriage Trend

When you think about the top marriage trends, pictures of different kinds of dresses and décor come to mind, but you might be surprised to learn that more recently, couples have been completely changing the way they get married.

It’s not really all that shocking considering the costs associated with traditional weddings, combined with the state of our economy and the desire for something new. Couples these days want to focus more on the romance and excitement of their marriage ceremony and not just how to wow a bunch of extended family members.

So what about getting eloped makes it so desirable, and why are couples everywhere starting to adopt it?

Why Getting Eloped is the new Trend

Elopements are Adaptable and Fun!

It’s very easy to “elope your way,” which can’t always be said about many other wedding ceremonies that hold fast to the expected way of doing things. In fact, there are many facets of tradition style weddings that are more of an obligation than anything, whereas with an elopement, you can pick and choose what to include, or do away with the “classic” model of weddings altogether.

This is extremely appealing for numerous reasons. Maybe you don’t enjoy the stuffiness of long complex ceremonies. Maybe you don’t have many close friends and would rather have a small, intimate ceremony someplace other than a church or wedding hall. Perhaps you want to get married someplace more exotic rather than going there just for your honeymoon.

Whichever the case may be, elopements are simply easier to customize. One of the reasons why they are on the rise is because they are easier to fit into people’s busy lives. With all of the financial obligations and various responsibilities we have to deal with these days, planning a full-scale wedding and actually holding it may seem like a whole lot of work. Elopements are easier to fit into everyone’s schedule, because there are fewer people to think about and less aspects that need to be arranged.

Elopements also tend to be very spontaneous. There’s a lot more room for fun and deciding on the spur of the moment to try something or visit a certain restaurant that traditional weddings don’t really allow for. There’s more romance and excitement when you’re not tied down to the usual planned ceremonies. This makes for a more exciting, interesting kind of event that has a certain romantic appeal.

Also, given current events, having a more adaptable wedding option is more important than ever. You never know when a certain venue may be closed, or how you may be forced to work around certain issues in order to plan your big day. There’s no reason to place all your eggs in one basket when you have the choice and freedom to customize your ceremony exactly how you want it.

Elopements are Affordable!

It used to be culturally acceptable and even expected to drop huge sums of money on a wedding whether you had the money to spare or not. In the days of family inheritances and bottomless wells of credit, this wasn’t difficult to manage.

However, times are changing and new couples don’t have the same kinds of resources that their parents did just a couple generations ago. In fact, the entire economy is currently undergoing a shift, and when this is combined with the clearly evident fact that the Middle Class has shrunk in recent years, you have the perfect storm of financial difficulty.

It’s far too burdensome for many couples to shoulder such a massive cost as is usually associated with a traditional style wedding. Elopements offer an affordable alternative that is far more forgiving and customizable. Don’t want full decorations? Don’t buy them. Not particularly sold on having a cake? No problem. The ceremony is completely yours to change and tailor to your needs, rather than adhering strictly to tradition.

This frees couples up to spend more on a luxurious hotel suite, or to invest the money they would have spent on the down payment for a house or similar purchase. Couples are looking for ways to make smart financial decisions, and in this economy, eloping just makes a whole lot more sense.

Elopements are Low Pressure!

This is the big one, perhaps the number one reason why elopements are taking off as the new trend. With all of the other hardships and responsibilities we have to face these days, no one wants to turn their marriage ceremony into an ordeal.

Elopements are the furthest thing from a pressure cooker. They can be as lax and as laid back as you need them to be. In fact, they can be a getaway, spa treatment, and fantasy vacation all rolled into one. Rather than piling on a hundred little stressors, your elopement can actually serve to take away your stress and relieve you of your troubles.

Planning an elopement is especially simplistic. This makes a world of difference because the typical complexities of planning a wedding actually is proven to be quite stressful for everyone involved, especially the bride and groom to be. This seems quite counterintuitive, and is one of the points regarding our marriage customs that couples are starting to question. Should your marriage be the opposite of a stressful event?

By creating a low pressure environment, elopements are appealing and relaxing. You’re not trying to craft these crazy high expectations, you’re not trying to please family members or keep from embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people. It’s just you and your significant other living your best life!  To speak with an elopement specialist, text us at 504-292-4856

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