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Escape the stress of a large wedding and celebrate your love story in an intimate, curated New Orleans Elopement!

Our luxury elopement photography company offers exclusive packages with all the resources you need to elope effortlessly.

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If you desire…

✔️ A gorgeous wedding day free from the anxiety, stress, and obligations of a chaotic traditional wedding.

✔️ A small, intimate ceremony that celebrates your unique love story.

✔️ Cool options that allow you to do whatever YOU want to do on your wedding day (without having to listen to anyone else’s opinions)!

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If you do not desire…

🙅 The pressure of wedding traditions that don’t appeal to you.

🙅 Having 100+ pairs of eyes on you for an entire ceremony, picking apart your outfit, flowers, song choices, and more.

🙅 Spending your entire savings for a wedding.

have you considered an elopement wedding that focuses on experiences over expectations?

You're engaged and should be happy! Is planning your traditional wedding still getting you excited? Or does it feel high pressure & no longer fun?
Then let's explore another option!
Elopements are all about creating a celebration that reflects YOU, not traditions. Whether it's a personalized ceremony for just the two of you, or with your closest loved ones, elopements can be anything you dream of.
It's your day; forget the norm, focus on what truly energizes & recharges your soul.

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Elopement Packages

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