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7 Secrets For The Best Elopement Ever! Make Elopement Special

Here are our Top 7 Secrets for the Best Elopement Ever:

1) Choose Experts that are Locals

Destination wedding photographers who travel the world to photograph weddings, while very talented experts with the very best of equipment, do not know the local area like a resident would.  Residents typically know hidden venues that you can’t find doing a “Google Search”, and they usually have connections to make the impossible, possible.

2)  Always have a Weather Plan

You never know if it will rain on your wedding day.  Many of the hotels or B&B’s you will be staying at will have private indoor rentable space.  We suggest making the call when you book the hotel so that a plan is in place.  Many elopement photographers will simply wait out the weather and continue on with the ceremony once the rain has passed.

3) Make Sure to Know the Legalities that Apply

4 weeks prior to your arrival, connect with your officiant for updates to marriage license requirements.  Municipalities in each city require different documentation and it’s important to be sure you are up to date with their rules and laws imposed by their state.  Your officiant will assist in this process.

4)  Listen to Your Photographer

Get a nice dress hanger. Personalized or silk wedding hangers make all the difference and look leaps and bounds better in photographs than the hangers provided by most hotels.  Your photographer may also suggest shooting at a different time of day, using a different part of town, or bringing certain props to the shoot. Obviously you’re the client and know what you want, but everyone can save a lot of time and trouble if you default to your photographer in areas where she may have more experience.

5) It’s all in the Details

Your ceremony is one of the biggest events of your entire life, so leave no stone unturned.  Make sure to pick amazing ceremony music and bring your iPod, iPhone, or anything else that can play “your song” as you walk down the aisle and have our first dance.  Music is also one of the single most important (and cost effective) things that can be used to set a romantic mood at an intimate elopement.  If you have a slightly higher budget, you may even want to spring for a solo violinist or guitarist for a truly magical setting.

6) Personalize, Personalize, Personalize.

Your special day is your day, and it’s special because of all of the details that apply to you.  Don’t try to please everyone else, you are who matters.

If you have a favorite color, add it everywhere, or wear a wedding dress in that shade.  If you’re a die hard fan of a certain sports team, incorporate team colors or little footballs into your bouquet or cake.

Or If there’s a place where you met your honey that you’d like to be featured — this is the time for you to let your personalities shine through.  No one will judge you for having monogrammed everything on your wedding day, trust me.  If there are children involved, you can also involve them by adding them into the ceremony or by having them write a sweet framed message to their new step parent to be displayed on your after-ceremony dinner table.

7)  Themes

Your special day is a celebration, and there’s no better party than a themed party.  It doesn’t have to be wild and over the top (unless you want it to be) but you can definitely have a theme whether it’s carnival or shabby chic.  Above all, if you’re having a destination elopement, make sure to take advantage of the location you’re in — you picked it for a reason.  Try horseback photos in Louisville or Carnival masks/Second-line dancing in New Orleans.

If you enjoyed these tips or learned something from this blog, please like and share it. We also love feedback, so welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you have for us. If you have any questions or would like to connect with an elopement specialist, please don’t hesitate.  Elopements and micro weddings are all we do!

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