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How To Elope In New Orleans in 8 Steps -Elope To Nola

Are you searching for a step-by-step guide on How To Elope? Here is our list of 8 steps for a stress-free and FUN elopement in New Orleans.  Here is a guide on Why To Elope over having a traditional wedding.

8 Steps For A Stress-Free And FUN Elopement In New Orleans

  1. Contact a local Officiant or Judge
  2. Contact a local Photographer
  3. Decide on a location
  4. Order flowers for you and your honey
  5. Make travel arrangements
  6. Plan to apply for your marriage license
  7. Ask your photographer
  8. Meet your officiant and your photographer

1. Contact a local Officiant or Judge.

Once you have decided on romantic New Orleans, step one on how to elope in New Orleans is calling an officiant. This person must be an Orleans Parish officiant if you are wanting to waive the required 24 hour waiting period. Select someone with experience, knowledge and the skills to perform a quality ceremony.

Trust us, this matters. We had a couple who asked their dear friend to become an ordained minister specifically for their elopement. Bless his heart, he was sweet as can be but not used to speaking loudly in the middle of the French Quarter.

The constant distractions (fun distractions of course; people laughing on the streets, music, performers) were tough and challenging for him.

2. Contact a local Photographer –

Hiring a professional photographer for your special day will go a long way. A photographer will know all the perfect locations to shoot at, best timing of the day and will capture the intimate moments during your ceremony that many guests/witnesses would not be able to capture.

3. Decide on a location –

Probably one of the main reasons you decided to elope in New Orleans are the many gorgeous and unique ceremony locations. Do you want to marry under 300yr old majestic Oaks or in the French Quarter in a private courtyard?

Maybe you’d like to even get married on a French Quarter Balcony? We suggest contacting a local photographer or wedding planner who knows the city of New Orleans like no other and can help you find that perfect “possibly hidden secret” spot!

4. Order flowers for you and your honey –

Be creative! Wildflowers, succulents and daisies are all unique flowers to create amazing bouquets.

5. Make travel arrangements –

Make travel arrangements and don’t forget your wedding attire, your rings, and proper legal documents from home. Oh and wedding props too! Think masks, 2nd line umbrellas, beads, special family heirlooms, etc.


Check online for special citywide events that may be occurring during your desired wedding date. New Orleans has hundreds of parties, parades, festivals, etc a year but some events and conventions will fill up all the hotels months in advance.

6. Plan to apply for your marriage license –

Once you arrive to New Orleans, plan to apply for your marriage license right away. Give yourself some time in the office too as there may be many other couples applying the same day. We recommend carving out 1-4 hours for this.

Visit our marriage license page to have all the required paperwork ready. Tip:  The office accepts cash only and will remind you about 100 times to only allow your officiant to write in BLACK INK.

7. Ask your photographer –

Ask your photographer or planner for recommendations on hair/makeup, hotels, restaurants and what to do in New Orleans for the other days you will be enjoying our city.

8. Meet your officiant and your photographer –

Meet your officiant and your photographer at your chosen ceremony location and say your “I Do’s!”! After…enjoy a petite wedding cake, cupcake, petite four or a world famous beignet.

Have your professional photographer capture additional “Just Married” photos around your ceremony location. Take a pedicab, horse carriage or streetcar to your romantic celebratory dinner.

To Sum Up

These are the steps we recommend if you are searching for how to elope in New Orleans. We hope this information is useful and informative. Did you know we are the leading experts on how to elope and we offer all-inclusive elopement packages? Reach out to us today, we would be honored to help you plan your perfect elopement wedding day!

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