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wedding photography costs

The Shocking Truth Behind Wedding Photography Rates

So You Want to Know the Real Deal About Wedding Photography Prices? Hey there! Planning your big day? Congratulations! Amongst all the exciting details, there’s one that might leave you scratching your head (and arguably the most important investment in your big day!): Wedding Photography Prices. Let’s be honest, they can seem a bit steep at first glance. But before you write off those photographers as fancy picture-takers with inflated egos, hear us out! The Truth Behind the Price Tag It’s easy to think wedding photography is just about capturing hours of your special day. But there’s way more to it than that! Wedding photographers invest a ton of time and effort into making your memories shine, both before and after the “I dos.” Think of it like this: you’re not just paying for those picture-perfect moments, you’re paying for the photographer’s expertise, experience, and the unseen hours behind the scenes. The Gear Game: It Ain’t Cheap Let’s talk shop! Those stunning photos you dream of? They come courtesy of top-notch cameras, lenses, flashes, the whole kit and kaboodle. And let me tell you, this stuff doesn’t come cheap. Photographers aren’t just rocking one camera either; backups are essential to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. On top of the initial investment,keeping this equipment tip-top requires maintenance, repairs, and sometimes even replacements. But Wait, There’s More! Being a wedding photographer goes way beyond fancy equipment. It’s about running a whole business! That means things like accounting, marketing, legal fees, website maintenance, and even software subscriptions for editing and galleries to showcase your photos. All these expenses add up, and photographers need to factor them into their pricing to keep their business afloat. The Hidden Hustle: Behind the Scenes While you might see your photographer for several hours on your wedding day, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For every hour of shooting at your wedding, there’s even more hours of hidden work. Think editing (and more editing, and guess what… even more editing 🙂, marketing, client communication, social media, and so much more. It’s a full-time job ensuring a smooth shoot and delivering breathtaking final photos. Why Photographers Deserve Their Price Wedding photographers aren’t out there to squeeze every penny out of soon-to-be-weds. They set their prices based on their experience, the time they invest, and the need to make a living. Let’s face it, photographers have bills to pay too! Their pricing needs to cover things like housing, food, and keeping their lights on. In a seasonal business like wedding photography, unrealistic prices simply don’t cut it. Setting Realistic Expectations So, how much should you expect to pay? Well, it depends on the photographer’s experience. For beginners, packages might start around $1,500. This might seem low considering the importance of the day, but it’s a starting point. As experience goes up, so do the prices. Expect to pay between $4,000 and $12,000 (depending on how many hours of coverage you request) for photographers with a few years under their belt. For high-end photographers and destination photographers (who will travel to your far away dream location), the sky’s the limit! These are pricing packages for traditional weddings with guests. For elopements, pricing can vary tremendously depending on popularity of destination, if your photographer will also step in as your planner + their local knowledge of your chosen destination :). The value in finding a local photographer who knows all the ins and outs of your destination is priceless. A Word to the Wise: Beware of Rock-Bottom Prices If a photographer’s rates seem too good to be true, well, they probably are. Anyone can grab a camera and call themselves a photographer, but a true professional invests in their craft and runs a legitimate business. Going with a super-cheap option could mean blurry photos, equipment malfunctions, or even lost memories. Not exactly the fairytale ending you envisioned, right? Invest in Your Memories Let’s be real, capturing your wedding day in stunning photos is priceless. A talented photographer dedicates their experience, skill and time to preserving these memories for you and your loved ones. They deserve to be fairly compensated for their work. While the initial price tag might seem high, remember you’re investing in beautiful images that will tell the story of your special day for generations to come. It’s an investment worth making, just ask any friend that recently married. It’s likely they will say their photographer was worth every penny 🙂 If you would like to chat with an experienced wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to REACH OUT!  We are happy to assist in any way 🙂  Congratulations to you both!

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micro wedding in new Orleans

Micro Wedding Ideas That Are Pure Magic

Let’s Talk About Your Dream Wedding (Because It’s Likely Not Going To Be Traditional!) Hey there, beautiful people! I’ve seen my fair share of weddings in my 10 years as a destination wedding & elopement photographer. From over-the-top extravaganzas to heartwarming courthouse ceremonies, I’ve witnessed every kind of love story unfold. But lately, there’s a new trend bubbling up, and let me tell you, it’s got my creative heart singing – micro weddings! Now, don’t get me wrong, a big, beautiful celebration is a joy to many. But for some couples, especially busy couples or second chances at love romances like yourselves, the traditional wedding just doesn’t fit the vibe. You crave something unique, intimate, and unforgettable. Well, guess what? Micro weddings are the answer to your wildest (and most personalized) wedding dreams! So, what exactly is this micro wedding phenomenon? Imagine this: instead of a guest list that reads like a phonebook, you have your closest family and a handful of cherished friends. Instead of a generic banquet hall, you say “I do” amidst a breathtaking tunnel of centuries old oaks, on a sunset drenched beach, or aboard a private sailboat on a serene Lake. Instead of a predictable sit-down dinner, you create a multi-course culinary adventure prepared by a world-renowned chef. This ain’t your mama’s wedding – it’s a celebration of your love story, tailored to your wildest dreams. But why a micro wedding, you ask? Well, besides the obvious perk of avoiding stress, multiple personalities & opinions, there are some incredible benefits for busy, adventurous couples like yourselves. Here are some pro-tips for planning a micro wedding that’s both intimate and unforgettable: So are you ready to ditch tradition and plan a micro wedding that reflects your unique love story? Here are some additional things to consider to make your micro wedding truly magical: Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, and it should reflect you as a couple. Don’t feel pressured to conform to outdated traditions. With a micro wedding, you have the freedom to create a day that’s intimate,unforgettable, and bursting with personality. So, grab your lovey and get ready to plan a micro wedding that’s as extraordinary as your love! And hey, if you’re looking for a photographer who specializes in capturing the magic of micro weddings, well, you know where to find me! I’m passionate about helping couples like yourselves create a wedding day that feels intimate,authentic, and absolutely unforgettable. Get in touch, and let’s chat about how we can capture the love story that deserves to be told. Go forth and plan the micro wedding of your dreams and congratulations to you both!

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top 10 elopement questions

Elope in NOLA: Top 10 Questions Answered for Your Dream New Orleans Elopement

Planning a New Orleans elopement? You’re in for a magical experience! Here are some of the most common questions couples ask to make their elopement truly unforgettable: Q: Where can we find unique and romantic elopement spots in New Orleans? A: Nola offers amazing options, whether you crave nature or urban vibes. Popular picks include City Park’s lush greens, Audubon Park’s historic charm, French Quarter’s hidden alleys bursting with character, or a stunning sunset ceremony aboard a private sailboat with the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain as your backdrop. Q: How much does an elopement typically cost? A: The beauty of eloping is that you control the budget! Costs vary depending on location, vendors, and desired experiences. Talk to your photographer about creating a package that fits your dream elopement. Q: Can we have guests at our elopement? A: Absolutely! Elopements can be just the 2 of you + 2 witnesses or include a small group. Decide what feels most comfortable for you as a couple. Most elopements are under 25 guests, anything more and the elopement becomes a wedding with more logistics and more planning. Q: Will we get all the elopement photos? A: Each photographer offers different packages. Most elopement photographers capture every moment and professionally edit them for a vibrant collection. Typically, they’ll also create some stunning black and white photos to add timeless elegance. Some photographers may only offer a selected amount of images for a discounted session fee. But in my experience, all digital hi res files are released. Q: What makes an elopement photographer different? A: Elopement photographers go beyond just capturing photos; they’re your elopement planning team! They focus on crafting a beautiful experience from consultations to your special day. Pro tip: Browse photographer portfolios to find a style that matches your vision. Q: We’re coming from out of town. Can you help with the marriage license? A: Getting hitched in New Orleans? No problem! Many officiants can guide you through the marriage license process, including the paperwork you’ll need (especially if you’re from out of state). All the packages we offer include your officiant who will personalize a beautiful ceremony for you both. Q: Help! We need hotel and hair/makeup recommendations! A: The best elopement photographers often are natives from the location you select and have a trusted network of local vendors. They’ll be happy to connect you with amazing hair stylists, makeup artists, musicians, restaurants and hotels that will make your elopement even more special. Q: Spill the tea! How can we create a meaningful elopement ceremony? A: Elopement ceremonies are all about YOU! Keep it simple or add special touches. Write heartfelt vows, choose a meaningful reading, or incorporate symbolic elements that reflect your love story. (We loved one couple who serenaded each other with their favorite song during their vows!) Q: What should we wear for our elopement? A: This is your big day, your way! When it comes to attire, comfort and confidence are key. Rock a classic wedding dress and tux, or embrace a more relaxed and adventurous look. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color and unique touches – the beauty of an elopement is that you can personalize everything, including your outfits! See inspiration dresses here! See our Done-For-You Packages OR Get In Touch With Us to start planning your dream elopement!

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You Don’t Need a Big Fussy Event (Again) to Say “I Do” This Time Around!

Hey there, gorgeous! It’s Marcia…let’s talk about love, second chances, and shaking things up a bit. You know how I love a good love story, and guess what? Second marriages can be the sweetest chapters yet! But listen, sometimes the whole wedding extravaganza with the five-tier cake and the guest list longer than your arm just isn’t the vibe, especially this time around. Been there, done that, bought the engraved cake knife/server (which, by the way, are probably still gathering dust in the back of your cabinet).  If you’re thinking about saying “I do” again, but with a more intimate and budget-friendly twist, then have I got news for you: elopements are having a moment, and honey, they’re not just for couples running away to marry in secret! Elope? But Won’t it Feel Cheap? Hold on a hot minute! Elopement doesn’t have to mean running off to Vegas in a pink Cadillac (although, hey, if that’s your fantasy, you do you!). These days, elopements can be incredibly chic, romantic, and oh-so-personal. Plus, let’s be honest, between the dress, the venue, the catering, a traditional wedding can cost more than a down payment on a house!  Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a luxurious honeymoon adventure or a dream experience you’ll both cherish forever? Budget-Friendly Doesn’t Mean Basic, Sweetie! Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Elopements sound great, but won’t the pictures be, well, kind of…meh?” Absolutely not! That’s where these amazing elopement packages come in. Picture this: instead of stressing over seating charts and wedding favors, you can focus on what truly matters – celebrating your love with your partner in a stunning location. These packages take care of everything from finding the perfect spot to say “I do” (think dramatic century old oaks, charming gardens, or even a rooftop overlooking the city skyline) to securing permits and even connecting you with amazing officiants & violinists who can make your ceremony extra special. Unveiling Your Dream Elopement: Packages for Every Love Story Here’s the best part: elopement packages aren’t one-size-fits-all.  Just like your love story, they can be customized to reflect your unique personalities and desires. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: And guess what? These packages can be tailored to include things that make your second marriage extra special. Making it Special for Your Love Story, Chapter Two Just because it’s your second time around doesn’t mean it can’t be just as magical (or maybe even more so!). Here are some ways to personalize your elopement package and make it truly yours: Let’s Talk About Family (Because We All Know There Will Be Some) Listen, we all know navigating family dynamics, especially around weddings, can be a bit of a minefield.  The good news is, with an elopement, you can set boundaries and manage expectations in a way that feels comfortable for you. Here are a few tips: The Investment in Lasting Memories could spend a small fortune on a wedding that everyone forgets about a week later.  Or, you could invest in something truly priceless: capturing the emotions, the love, and the pure joy of your elopement with stunning professional photography.  These are the photos you’ll look back on for years to come, the ones that bring tears to your eyes and remind you of the magic of your special day. Imagine a gallery filled with breathtaking landscapes that serve as the backdrop for your love story.  See yourselves laughing, crying happy tears, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. These are the photos that tell your unique story, a story that’s even more beautiful because it’s a second chance at forever. Ready to Say “I Do” Your Way? Let’s Chat! So are you ready to ditch the stress and embrace the magic of an elopement? Our incredible package offer a stylish, budget-friendly, and unforgettable way to celebrate your love story.  Don’t wait another minute –  contact us today for a personalized consultation and let’s get started planning your dream elopement!  Remember, it’s your love story, rewrite the ending the way you want it to be!

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where to elope in Biloxi

How to Get Married in Biloxi, MS: Your Beachfront Bliss Awaits!

Dreaming of a picturesque wedding ceremony with the sugar-white sands of Biloxi Beach as your backdrop? Whether you envision a barefoot ceremony on the shore or a quaint celebration near the historic lighthouse, Biloxi offers a unique and unforgettable setting for your special day. But before you start collecting seashells for your custom frames, here’s a quick guide to navigate the legalities and logistics of getting married in Biloxi, MS: 1. Secure Your Marriage License: 2. Find Your Officiant: 3. Pick Your Perfect Beach Venue: 4. Plan Your “I Do” Moment: Beyond the Basics: Ready to say “I do” on the Mississippi coast? Skip the stress, say “I do” on the beach!  Our Biloxi elopement packages are all-inclusive and make planning your small wedding a breeze. We can’t wait to chat with you about your beach elopement vision! Check out our favorite package HERE!

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Romantic wedding ceremony on a sailboat with a colorful sunset in the background

Forget the Fuss, Embrace the Love: Steal These 10 Intimate and Romantic Elopement Wedding Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of saying “I do” under a canopy of majestic oaks or a private sunset sail, with only the beating of your hearts as witnesses? Elopements are no longer just for the impulsive or rebellious. They’re a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your love, free from the stress and expectations of a traditional wedding. But where do you begin? Planning an elopement might seem daunting, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are 10 romantic and unforgettable elopement wedding ideas to spark your imagination: 1. Sail away on a private sailboat: Set sail on a luxurious sailboat and exchange vows on the open waters. This intimate setting allows you to completely disconnect and focus solely on each other. Imagine kissing at sunset while sharing champagne and wedding cake! 2. Get lost in a charming Parisian bookstore: Bookworms, unite! Paris is a city steeped in romance, and what could be more intimate than declaring your love surrounded by towering shelves overflowing with stories? 3. Hike to a secluded mountain peak: For the adventurous souls, a mountain top elopement offers breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment to mark your special day. Pack a picnic basket and celebrate your love amidst the beauty of nature. 4. Whisper your vows beneath the Northern Lights: Imagine exchanging vows under a breathtaking display of celestial magic. Alaska, Iceland, and Norway offer incredible opportunities to witness this natural wonder. 5. Stargaze in the heart of the desert: The vastness and tranquility of the desert create a magical backdrop for your elopement. Imagine saying “I do” under a blanket of stars, feeling a profound connection to the universe and each other. 6. Get cozy in a rustic cabin: Snuggle up in a cozy cabin nestled amidst the woods. This intimate setting allows you to create a truly personal and memorable experience, complete with crackling fireplaces and breathtaking views. 7. Explore the ancient ruins of Rome: Steep yourselves in history and romance by exchanging vows amidst the ruins of Rome. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, or any other iconic landmark can serve as a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your special day. 8. Take a hot air balloon ride over a vineyard: Float above the rolling hills of a picturesque vineyard and exchange vows as the sun dips below the horizon. This breathtaking experience will create lasting memories for you and your partner. 9. Renew your vows at the place you first met: Relive the magic of your love story by returning to the place where you first met. This sentimental elopement will be deeply personal and filled with heartwarming memories. 10. elope in your own backyard: Sometimes, the most beautiful setting is the one closest to your heart. Create a magical atmosphere in your own backyard with fairy lights, flowers, and intimate touches that reflect your love story. Elopements are all about celebrating your love in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to you. Don’t be afraid to break away from tradition and create an elopement experience that is uniquely yours. Ready to turn your elopement dream into reality?  Don’t let these inspiring ideas just sit in your imagination! Connect with me today and let’s chat about capturing the magic of your elopement in New Orleans. I’m here to help you plan, document, and celebrate your love story in a way that feels authentic and unforgettable. Click here to schedule a free consultation!

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couple second lining on bourbon street during wedding day

Craft Your Dream Elopement: Your Timeline Guide to a Perfect “I Do”

Imagine this: you and your love, whisked away on an adventure, saying “I do” under a sky painted with fiery hues of sunset. No stress, no fuss, just an elopement tailored to your wildest dreams. But how do you turn this dream into reality? Worry not, lovebirds, for this guide will help you craft the perfect elopement timeline, ensuring your special day unfolds seamlessly and captures every precious moment. Step 1: Prioritize Your Passions What makes your hearts sing? Is it a ceremony bathed in the golden glow of sunrise, or an intimate exchange of vows over water with a beautiful and romantic sunset? Do you envision playful photos with your photographer or an electrifying second line parade through the streets? Jot down your must-have moments, and let them be the anchors of your timeline. Step 2: Embrace Your Timeframe Full-day elopements offer leisurely pacing and space for multiple activities, while micro-elopements focus on the core ceremony and intimate moments. Choose the adventure that suits your style and budget. Step 3: Build Your Masterpiece Think of your timeline as a beautiful tapestry. Start with your ceremony time and work backwards from there. Weave in meals and activities, allocating realistic durations and considering buffer periods for unexpected moments. Remember to include getting ready time, travel between locations, and those essential breaks to take in the views! Step 4: Don’t Forget the Sparkle Sprinkle in special touches like a romantic first look, a sunset photo session capturing the magic of the golden hour (remember, your photographer will be your lighting guru!), or an unforgettable second line parade celebrating your love with the entire city. Don’t forget to factor in transportation and any permits or access fees you might need. Step 5: Embrace the Magic, Not the Meltdown Life happens, even on your elopement day. Build in flexibility for weather changes, unplanned moments, or simply indulging in the joy of the occasion. Share your timeline with your vendors so everyone’s on the same page, and communicate openly to ensure a smooth flow. Most importantly, relax, savor the moment, and let your love story unfold naturally. Bonus: NOLA Calling! Dreaming of an elopement that’s anything but ordinary? New Orleans, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and infectious energy, could be your perfect match. Let Ibay Photography capture the magic, stress-free! We offer expert planning, timeline assistance, and stunning photos to make your NOLA elopement unforgettable. Limited prime dates are available, so book now and secure your dream “I Do” in the Big Easy! By following these steps and embracing the possibilities, you can create an elopement timeline that reflects your unique love story and ensures your special day is filled with joy, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. Elopement Checklist ☑️ Airfare ☑️ Hotel Reservations ☑️ Pre or Post Ceremony Meal Reservations ☑️ Photographer 🙂 ☑️ Officiant ☑️ Florist/Baker ☑️ Musicians / Jazz Band for Ceremony and Second Line (if desired) ☑️ Hair/Makeup Artists ☑️ Wedding Attires for couple ☑️ Shoes and Accessories ☑️ WEDDING RINGS ☑️ Paperwork required to Apply for Marriage License ☑️ Day of Timeline – coordinated with your photographer or planner ☑️ Excursions/Tours/Jazz Club Reservations ☑️ Prepare for Destination – check weather, water bottles, tissues, comfy shoes for walking, umbrellas

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New Orleans Rooftop Wedding

Elope on a Rooftop in New Orleans

New Orleans, with its vibrant culture and stunning architecture, offers some truly magical rooftop wedding venues. Here are a few of the best to consider, each with its own unique charm: For panoramic city views: For intimate garden vibes: Additional things to consider when choosing a rooftop wedding venue in New Orleans: Ultimately, the best rooftop wedding venue for you will depend on your individual style, budget, and guest count. With so many amazing options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to say “I do” in the Big Easy! Check out our all-inclusive packages that bundle many of the services you will want on your wedding day! I hope this helps you find the perfect rooftop wedding venue for your special day in New Orleans! Laissez les bons temps rouler 🙂 ????????⚜️ For dreamy elopement and small wedding inspiration, our Pinterest Page is full of wedding eye candy!! ????????⚜️

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Elope on a Boat, boat elopement

Boat Elopement – Elope on a Boat in New Orleans

Some couples desire a wedding experience that goes beyond tradition and embraces the extraordinary when they exchange vows. If you want an intimate ceremony that combines luxury, privacy, exclusivity, and a dash of adventure, why not elope on a boat. This might be the perfect option for you. Picture yourself with only your closest loved ones by your side, sailing through calm waters, amidst breathtaking vistas. In this post, we delve into the romantic world of eloping on a boat, a genuinely one-of-a-kind and unforgettable wedding experience. A boat wedding is a fantastic option for couples looking for a private and unique wedding experience because it comes with a host of benefits. Luxury and intimacy A level of luxury and intimacy that is difficult to match is provided by eloping on a boat. Imagine yourself on a luxurious yacht that has been exquisitely furnished and equipped. Now imagine the stunning photos captured that you will cherish for a lifetime. A boat elopement’s exclusivity guarantees that your special day will remain a private affair, shared only with your closest friends and family. You can concentrate on building meaningful relationships and having an intimate celebration of your love when there are fewer guests present. This enables you to forego the customary wedding rituals and fully savor the happiness of the occasion. Gorgeous Locations Eloping on a boat offers the chance to choose from a variety of breathtaking locations, which is one of its most alluring features. A boat elopement gives you the chance to discover the most romantic waterways and undiscovered treasures in the entire world, whether you’ve always imagined saying “I do” in front of a dramatic coastline, amidst the serene beauty of a remote island, or beneath the vibrant hues of a setting sun. There are endless possibilities for creating a wedding experience as unique as your love story, from the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean to the dramatic fjords of Norway. Because of the flexibility of a boat wedding, you can embark on a romantic adventure together, discovering new destinations and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Best Kept Secret The allure of eloping on a boat lies in the fact that it is something you and your partner can keep to yourselves. Imagine announcing to your loved ones that you are getting married on a boat, leaving them speechless at your unusual and extraordinary decision. This element of surprise makes your wedding journey more intriguing and exciting, ensuring that your special day will live on in their memories forever. Eloping in New Orleans is another best kept secret… full of romance, character and uniqueness! Professional Help Although organizing a boat elopement may seem difficult, the good news is that there are experts who focus on creating these special occasions. You can be guided through each step of the process by our wedding planners and boat charter businesses, ensuring that your vision is realized. They are prepared to handle the logistics, freeing you to concentrate on your relationship and the magic of the moment. This includes choosing the ideal boat and destination as well as organizing florals, photography, and all the smaller details. Last but not least!! You simply can’t pass up the opportunity to experience a sunset boat elopement. Imagine being on the deck of a lavish boat, surrounded by the sound of the water lapping against the deck and a gentle breeze blowing in the evening. A surreal and magical atmosphere is created by the reflection of the vivid colors on the still water, setting the stage for an unforgettable ceremony. You and your partner exchange vows in front of this picturesque setting, savoring the beauty and peace of the occasion. A truly captivating experience is produced when the breathtaking sunset, the calming sounds of nature, and being on a boat in close proximity come together. Don’t pass up the chance to elope on a boat in the evening and make memories that will last a lifetime. A truly unique wedding experience that combines luxury, intimacy, adventure, and exclusivity is eloping on a boat. It gives you the freedom to veer from convention and design a day that is especially special to you. This well-kept secret ensures a romantic celebration to remember with stunning settings, opulent lodgings, and the element of surprise. Elope on a boat for the ideal combination of elegance, romance, and adventure, so if you want a wedding experience that is as exceptional as your relationship, let’s do it. Check out our Sunset Lake Elopement Packages for an all inclusive boat wedding, New Orleans. Don’t forget to check out our TOP Elopement or Vow Renewal Packages HERE! Click HERE to learn the 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and BONUS checklist!

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Marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel

Complete Guide to Marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel, French Quarter

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet challenging task. To help you with your preparations, here’s a complete guide to marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel, New Orleans. Considering New Orleans for your ideal wedding in New Orleans? Look nowhere else! This thriving city, located in the heart of Louisiana, offers a magical setting for your special day that will make it truly unforgettable. Imagine saying “I do” in an elegant mansion filled with Southern charm, or exchanging vows in a historic courtyard decorated with blooming magnolias and sparkling fairy lights. The vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage of New Orleans make it a unique setting for your celebration. From the intoxicating sounds of jazz filling the air to the vivacious energy of Mardi Gras, New Orleans radiates an infectious joie de vivre that will add an extra dose of excitement to your wedding. So, if you’re prepared to set out on a unique wedding adventure, marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel New Orleans is the ideal place to fulfill your goals. Why Chateau Lemoyne Hotel is a Perfect Place to Elope in New Orleans Elopements have gained popularity among couples seeking an intimate and romantic wedding experience. If you’re considering eloping in New Orleans, look no further than the enchanting Chateau Lemoyne Hotel, this undiscovered gem offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable elopement thanks to its historic charm, first-rate service, and picturesque location in the middle of the city. Let’s look at why the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel is the ideal setting for a small wedding. Romantic Atmosphere The Chateau Lemoyne Hotel exudes a romantic and intimate ambiance, making it ideal for an elopement. You’ll be enchanted by the historic property’s ageless elegance and charm the moment you set foot inside. The hotel’s tastefully decorated rooms, peaceful courtyards, and traditional architecture make for a charming and romantic setting for your elopement ceremony. Beautiful Ceremony Locations The hotel offers a variety of gorgeous ceremony locations that can be customized to your needs. You can choose to have your ceremony outside in the lush greenery of the courtyard with its cascading vines and sparkling lights, or inside in one of their elegant event spaces. The staff at the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel will collaborate closely with you to design a unique, private ceremony that celebrates your love. Packages for Customized Elopements Customized elopement packages are available at the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel to make your wedding day stress-free and special. With these packages, you can concentrate on your love and making priceless memories because they include necessities like a ceremony location, an officiant, a bridal bouquet, and a champagne toast. To further personalize your elopement experience, extras like photography services and couple’s spa treatments can be added. Expert Advice on Wedding Planning Even though organizing an elopement may seem easier than organizing a traditional wedding, hiring a planner guarantees that every last detail is attended to. The committed wedding staff at the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel will assist you every step of the way, from obtaining the required licenses to suggesting regional suppliers for photography, floral arrangements, and more. A seamless and stress-free elopement will be made possible by their experience and attention to detail. Arrangements for a Private Getaway Retire to the hotel’s opulent rooms for a romantic and private getaway after exchanging vows. The well-appointed rooms and suites at the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel combine contemporary comfort with classic charm. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two, indulge in a soothing spa treatment, or just relax and celebrate your love in the comfort of your tastefully decorated room. Go on a French Quarter exploration The Chateau Lemoyne Hotel’s prime location in the heart of the French Quarter is among the best reasons to get married there. As you set out on a romantic journey through the old streets, immerse yourselves in the vibrant culture, music, and cuisine of New Orleans. The French Quarter offers countless opportunities for making priceless memories during your elopement, from jovial jazz clubs and renowned restaurants to picturesque parks and famous landmarks. Couples can embrace the intimacy and romance of a small wedding while reveling in the beauty and vibrancy of the French Quarter by eloping at the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel in New Orleans.  Chateau Lemoyne Hotel Wedding Services The Chateau Lemoyne Hotel offers the most luxurious top-knotch wedding venue services. Aside from the most beautiful Luxurious Bridal Suites, other services to consider are: How to get Married at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel Here are some tips to help you plan marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel. Explore the Venue: Start by familiarizing yourself with the venue’s offerings and facilities. Chateau Lemoyne Hotel boasts a classic French Quarter architecture, adorned with wrought-iron balconies, lush courtyards, and beautiful indoor spaces. Take a virtual tour or arrange a visit to truly experience the venue’s charm and ambiance. Setting the Date: Contact the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel to check their availability and secure your desired wedding date. It’s advisable to book well in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak wedding season. To discuss your wedding plans, get in touch with the Chateau Lemoyne Hotel’s event coordinator. They will walk you through the process, respond to your inquiries, and give you crucial details about the prices, packages, and dates that are available. Your vision will be closely matched with the capabilities of the venue through the coordinator’s close collaboration with you. Select a Wedding Package: The Chateau Lemoyne Hotel offers a variety of customizable wedding packages to meet different needs and spending limits. Their packages typically include necessities like ceremony and reception spaces, catering choices, bar services, linens, and more, whether you want a small gathering or a large celebration. Make the package fit your needs and look into any upgrades or extra services they may provide for marrying at Chateau Lemoyne Hotel. Plan the Ceremony and Reception: Establish a close working relationship with the event coordinator to plan the ceremony and reception’s specifics. The location offers a variety of indoor

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Best Places to Elope in New Orleans

Are you looking for magical moments for your Elopement Wedding or Vow Renewal, consisting of dreamy, picture-perfect backdrops? If so, you must consider these gems of the city. Not only are they the Best New Orleans Elopement Venues but they won’t break the bank, all locations have permit fees of $500 or less (valid for couple only elopements or up to 20 guests), and some are even free! Here are the best places to elope in New Orleans… ⛵ Just you two? Click here to see our favorite package which INCLUDES a sunset ceremony on a private sailboat ⛵ Keep in mind, even if some are tucked away, each location is in a public area so we can’t control visitors or locals in the area.  However, most people will stay out of the way if they see a wedding or vow renewal in progress :). Everyone in New Orleans loves a wedding! New Orleans Elopement Venues The 6 Best Places to Elope to Nola 1. City Park – McDonough Tree or Butler Fountain                If you’re looking for all the whimsy and beauty New Orleans has to offer, City Park is the perfect spot for you. As one of the oldest established parks in the country, City Park offers beauty and history you can see and feel.                The McDonough Tree is a popular spot. Dripping with historic Spanish Moss and limbs that stretch far into the space, the McDonough Tree is the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Not only will your pictures capture the whimsy of New Orleans, but being surrounded by the chirping birds, gentle breezes, and all the beauty City Park has to offer will make you fall in love all over again.                Tucked into the twisting paths of City Park, Butler Fountain makes a beautiful setting for your intimate ceremony. Surrounded by Oak Trees and lush greenery, you will feel like royalty in your own personal garden. Private enough to not be disturbed, but with fantastic views of the park, Butler Fountain might be the perfect spot for sharing the love. Click HERE for information on obtaining a permit for an elopement at City Park. 2. Audubon Park – Tree of Life, Hyams Fountain, Gumbel Fountain                Audubon Park is another beautiful spot if you’re looking for romance and whimsy. The Tree of Life offers a beautiful backdrop of limbs and light. Legend says that the tree was planted as a wedding gift to a bride many years ago, and the gift of love still stands strong today. You can’t get much more romantic than a long history of love.                Nestled in a private area of Audubon Park, you will find Hyams Fountain. Like many other pieces in New Orleans, this fountain has a unique history. Sara Hyams donated her jewelry collection so that children would have a place to enjoy the summers. The Hyams Fountain is surrounded by lush gardens and cool breezes that sing the songs of New Orleans’s history that you can feel.                Gumbel Fountain is another beautiful backdrop for water and nature. Sitting among well-kept gardens, the fountain will make you sigh with its beauty. It is every bit as magical as a movie. Click HERE for information on obtaining a permit for an elopement at Tree of Life. 3. Washington Park across from Jackson Square                If you’re looking for the New Orleans city feel, look no further than Washington Park! This park overlooks Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. An outdoor space dripping in history and beauty all in one, Washington Park boasts stunning views of Jackson Square that are picturesque and breathtaking. Get that picture perfect venue for your weekday elopement – not recommended Friday thru Sunday due to popular tourist photo spot! 4. Exchange Alley                Your wedding day should be stress-free and easy. For the couple who wants gorgeous simplicity, but still wants that New Orleans charm, Exchange Alley is your perfect spot. What is more “New Orleans” than the French Quarter? How does intimacy sound in a city that is always full of life? Just moments away from the bustling noise of the most amazing city, your private ceremony awaits you. Feel the southern charm and comfort while the area is still full of life. 5. Pirates Alley                Charming parks aren’t your style? No problem! New Orleans has something for everyone and Pirates Alley might just be perfect for you. This seemingly simple alleyway is anything but. As part of the Historic French Quarter, Pirates Alley puts you in the heart and soul of New Orleans, while still offering a spot for some privacy. The unique architecture as a backdrop mixed with the natural lighting provides a beautiful space for you. The atmosphere of Pirates Alley is a draw for many couples looking to tie the knot. Once there, you can see what all the fuss is about.                            6. Armstrong Park                Just a quick walk away from the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans, the iconic arch of Armstrong Park welcomes visitors to experience all the different areas it has to offer. This 32-acre park, named after famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong, has enormous oak trees and is home to historic Congo Square. Armstrong Park comes to life in beautiful daytime ceremonies. Armstrong Park can fit every vibe, from the whimsy of oak trees to the industrial vibe of the arching bridge. Brick pathways will line your walk, giving you a traditional feeling of walking through Old Time New Orleans. Click HERE for information on obtaining a permit for an elopement at Armstrong Park. ⚜️ Ask us about Hotels and B&B’s that offer their courtyards or parlours for a more private ceremony location ⚜️ Don’t forget to check out our All-Inclusive Elopement Packages HERE! Click HERE to learn the 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and BONUS checklist!

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Best Places for an Elopement and Top Things to do Before and After Your Elopement Wedding

There is no shortage of things to do in New Orleans. If you’re planning your wedding there, in a place known to be one of the best places for an elopement, it only makes sense to partake in some of the food, entertainment, art, and history that the city has to offer. After all, New Orleans isn’t just one of the top places for couples looking to tie the knot in style along with the Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches, it’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country. There is quite a bit to see and do. So if you are looking to make some memories before the ceremony even begins, we’ve got some ideas for you! 1. Eat beignets (not at touristy cafe du monde, but at Cafe Beignet!) This is basically essential if you’re visiting New Orleans. If this is where you’re getting married, even better. These little fried pastries are a specialty here and you don’t want to miss out on these world famous New Orleans style donuts. 2. Have a cocktail at the carousel bar in the Hotel Monteleone Want to try something a bit unorthodox? The extravagant Hotel Monteleone has a unique take on the typical fancy bar. Known simply as the Carousel Bar, it’s something that has to be experienced to be believed. It’s definitely a different take on the classic bar scene. 3. Take a selfie in Exchange Alley Nearby from Hotel Monteleone, there’s the gorgeous decorative street known as Exchange Alley, a place rich in art, culture, colorful buildings and dining. It’s one of those well-taken care of little city hidden gems that makes for a perfect backdrop to a Newlywed photo. 4. Take the beautiful Algiers ferry to the westbank side of the mighty Mississippi River Once there, enjoy a bite or drink at Dry Dock Cafe or Old Point Bar, two of the best places to grab a drink and mingle with the locals. This is one of those uniquely New Orleans experiences that you don’t want to miss out on.  Don’t forget to take in the New Orleans city skyline from that side of the Mississippi River. 5. Take the Streetcar Down Historic St. Charles Avenue The streetcar will take you from the French Quarter through the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans.  The street is lined with antebellum homes + majestic oak trees that will take your breath away.  The streetcar is affordable and fun and a main staple in the New Orleans landscape!   It’s truly a must see and do.  Tip:  Stop in Columns Hotel or Pontchartrain Hotel (Rooftop) for amazing cocktails. 6. Try and find all the cool rooftop bars with amazing city views, for a memorable dining experience Tip: some are guests only as the pool is rooftop as well and only for guests privileges. Don’t be afraid to call a location beforehand and ask about their amenities. Many New Orleans restaurants and hotels have classic sensibilities and will go out of their way to cater to patrons. 7. Stop and enjoy a conversation with a local!  Local New Orleanians are the nicest people on planet earth. Promise you will leave the conversation with a new friend and a dozen other recommended hot spots to see, not to mention a new take on the city’s history, or simply where to get the best oysters. 8. For the ladies: stop in “Bourbon French Parfums” This shop on Royal street makes custom tailored scents that can be made into your special wedding day fragrance. If you’re looking for that special something to spice up your big day and want to do something out of the ordinary, this is just the right opportunity. 9. Must take photos in Jackson Square The historic St Louis Cathedral is stunning and millions of people make sure to capture photos of the iconic church whenever they are visiting New Orleans. Try taking photos in Jackson Square at different angles with the church in the background. I promise… these will be the photos you will frame and cherish for life. 10. Is traditional New Orleans style music something you’re interested in? ​​Frenchman Street is just a quick stroll outside of the FQ. If you want to hear authentic live New Orleans music, this is the place to go. It’s where all the locals go to hear the real sound of New Orleans! Grab our 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and receive a FREE checklist!

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