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Elopements: Romantic Getaway and Wedding in One

For couples looking for something a bit more exotic and less like a traditional wedding, we have the elopement. There’s something magical about the idea of forgoing the rituals and burdens of the typical wedding and just getting married on your own terms, and this is one of the biggest reasons why elopements are taking off all over the country. Essentially, an elopement is for couples who don’t really want to drop tons of money just to hold an elaborate ceremony. Maybe they want to save the money as a down payment for a house, maybe they simply don’t have a lot of family and friends that can attend, or maybe they just want their special day to be an adventure and intimate. Whatever the case may be, elopements provide an amazing alternative for couples who just don’t feel like an small wedding is “intimate” enough. Often, an elopement will just include the couple getting married, and a small group of friends. Sometimes, couples get eloped on their own. This makes the logistics and planning stages much easier than in a typical wedding. What’s more, you have many more options when you go this route. Instead of having to plan elaborate catering, you can simply have an amazing dinner at a local world renown restaurant you always wanted to go to, or if you are traveling someplace exotic, you can just have a night on the town. You have far more options when you don’t have to plan for and accommodate dozens of people. Every stage of an elopement is typically easier to plan. You don’t really have to worry about putting together all the pieces, because even things like the wedding dress are only suggestions, not necessities. Many brides, for example, will just choose to buy any kind of pretty dress that suits the location and theme of the elopement, rather than purchasing a white wedding gown. Another benefit of elopements is that a capable elopement planner can take care of just about all your needs. Here at IBAY we help couples do just that, by taking care of a lot of the “behind the scenes” stuff, so if you plan on having an elopement in New Orleans, all you need to worry about is having fun! An elopement is meant to be more like a romantic getaway, in the sense that there is much less ceremony involved. You also typically fly out to a more exotic location to hold the marriage, as opposed to a wedding, which is usually followed by a honeymoon. The elopement is the honeymoon! That is one of the draws to eloping: it fuses the best parts of the wedding into the honeymoon, to create something altogether different and special. Whichever route you choose, remember to choose what works best for you. Sometimes due to family and friend obligations, elopements just aren’t possible. But remember, you can always talk with your friends and family and see what they are comfortable with. You never know, a dozen of them might want to come with you on your trip across the country and share the magic with you! At Ibay Photography, we offer all-inclusive elopement packages to make planning easy breezy! We believe it’s all about having fun and no stress! The ultimate goal is to be married or renew your vows, and we will help you do just that in the most romantic city in the United States! Connect with us HERE! We can’t wait to chat with you 🙂

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