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elopement packages

Top Elopement Packages

The elopement of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank. Quite the contrary, these trends prove that elopements are still one of the cheapest ways to get married… and we have the perfect elopement packages HERE to consider! While you are here, we also wanted to give you ideas of new trends we are seeing everywhere. Every year more and more couples seem to be looking into “unconventional” ceremony formats, and getting eloped just fits. What’s could be better than a romantic getaway that actually cuts expenses compared to a traditional wedding? That’s music to every couple’s ears. Let’s take a look at a few trends that you might want to incorporate into your ceremony: First Looks are the Trend! A few months ago we wrote about how First Look elopement photography was taking off. That trend has only risen as couples everywhere are learning about this new “tradition.” If you’re not familiar, a First Look is a pre-ceremony activity that allows the couple to meet each other right before the ceremony takes place, to give them a more intimate time together before the actual ceremony starts. This is perfect if you are having a medium to large sized elopement with friends and family, which gives the couple some space before having to present themselves to the crowd. As an added bonus, a First Look is often like a private photo shoot. It is becoming customary to invite the photographer to this intimate meeting, so they can shoot an on-site pre-ceremony collection that often creates beautiful moments. After all, the bride and groom are seeing each other on their special day for the first time and this creates electric photography. First Looks are even more popular in summer months and warmer climates like New Orleans, where couples have the liberty of staying outside for longer periods and can decide to have a fully outdoors shoot if they desire. Less Formal, More Fun! Eloping has taken off in part because it allows couples to do away with many of the old formalities and just get married where and when they want without a ton of hassle. This trend is only increasing, as we’re seeing more and more couples go the casual route when it comes to their ceremony. There’s much more focus on having a good time and an authentic experience rather than spending a fortune on a particular item or place. When there’s less focus on the formalities, it allows couples to unwind and just enjoy themselves, and shouldn’t that be what getting married is all about? It’s so important for couples to realize that if they are feeling pressure in wedding planning maybe it’s time they look into getting eloped. It’s a very different experience when you can just focus on your significant other and not have to plan for months on end just to “get everything right” and please 100 random relatives that insisted on coming. Less formal also often means less money spent. Ditch the expensive trappings of typical wedding ceremonies and just let loose and enjoy yourself. Wear what you want, go where you want, and focus on romance! Back to Nature! What could be better than getting married under the boughs of romantic spanish moss under a 600yr old oak, in the middle of a picturesque park, or right on the riverfront with city skyline views? Holding elopements and weddings in the outdoors is nothing new, but it’s certainly a growing trend. What better way to save money and transform your ceremony into a special adventure than having the entire thing outdoors? This is the perfect answer for couples looking to save a ton of money on things like hotel halls and chapels. Not to mention, a natural backdrop is the ultimate elopement set. You can choose exactly the kind of atmosphere you want to accentuate your big day, whether you want a more earthy event in the middle of the woods or want to go full blown mermaid by the sea. That’s the beauty of having an elopement, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of planning for 100 or more people on a small patch of beach or in a particular corner of a park. The crowd size will be small, no parking snafus, and you don’t have to somehow cater a feast in the woods. And above all, most of the time it’s free! Some parks in New Orleans charge a small event fee for hosting crowds at certain times of the day and after a certain size, but for the most part, if you seek out a particular area of nature that you want to transform into your perfect elopement backdrop, you’re not going to be spending a ton of money. Congratulations to you both! Don’t forget to check out our TOP 3 elopement packages here!Click HERE to learn the 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and BONUS checklist!

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photography for your elopement

French Quarter Event Photography For Your Elopement

French Quarter Event Photography For Your Elopement You decided against the big wedding and instead opted for a more fun, intimate adventure at a beautiful elopement destination like the New Orleans French Quarter. You’re not worried about family drama, planning for a hundred people, expensive decorations, or any of that other typical wedding stuff. But wait, you still need someone to capture those special moments! This is a situation many couples find themselves in. They make the choice to get eloped, forgo many of the typical trappings of planning for a big wedding ceremony, but forget that they still need a professional to man the cameras. Believe me, you don’t want to leave this task up to a local hobbyist or your niece who bought a GoPro last year and who suddenly thinks she’s a star on Instagram. Elopement photography is almost an art unto itself: often it’s about capturing more candid moments than in a normal wedding. It’s about grabbing those magic moments, the intimate setting, the romantic day trips, the quaint aura of the ceremony, and all the little memories in between Historic French Quarter Imagine a place where gorgeous ambiance meets historical class: that’s the New Orleans French Quarter summed up. There’s a reason why this area sees thousands of couples every year for their special destination events, because it offers everything you could want in a romantic getaway. Active nightlife, exquisite restaurants, fancy boutiques, art, entertainment, and photogenic vistas, all with traditional New Orleans style. What’s not to love? Capturing these moments is so important, especially for an elopement. If the French Quarter is your dream destination, you don’t want to leave the job of capturing those memories to any second-rate photographer. This is one of the greatest issues couples face when planning for a big wedding. Booking a reliable “camera guy” is perhaps one of the biggest headaches outside of the catering. There’s many amateurs out there, and still others just don’t have the eye for the romance and fun of an elopement. You’re looking for a “set it and forget it” kind of service, someone who knows what they’re doing and will transform ordinary pictures into memories that will last a lifetime. Your elopement photography should be something you can cherish forever. That’s what we at IBAY Photography believe. Our goal is to do all the work so you don’t have to: we provide the tools, we put ourselves in the right places at the right time, we capture all the golden moments (and the silly ones!) and ultimately take the burden of having to worry about your photography completely out of the picture. Your elopement should be about you, no stress, no hassle. That’s why we’re here. New Orleans Photographers who Specialize in Elopements and Micro Weddings There are a lot of photographers out there, and many who do weddings as a side gig. We however have perfected the art of attention-grabbing, romantic elopement shots, it’s our specialty!. We live to capture all of your best moments on film so you can have them forever, without forcing you to break the bank or have to rely on outsiders. We’re located right in New Orleans, minutes from the historic French Quarter itself. We know the area and pride ourselves in delivering top quality service to couples from around the country. Here’s just a taste of some of our recent elopement shoots. We work intimately alongside couples to help them plan their day, arrange shoots, and even provide elopement package plans that take care of everything you could possibly want in a romantic destination elopement. Stunning photography is one of the cornerstones of an amazing wedding or elopement, this is not an area you want to leave to chance. Contact us for more information on how you can have us capture the magic moments in your elopement! Grab our 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and receive a FREE checklist!

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new orleans elopement

Must Try Foods to Indulge in During Your New Orleans Elopement

Also known as one of the culinary capitals of the US, a New Orleans Elopement is a great place simply for the dining options it offers, especially if you’re looking to relish some amazing delicacies you can’t really get anywhere else. If your tickets are booked and your bags are packed, here’s a little help to make sure your stay in the city before and after your elopement is full of deliciousness.  Keep reading to discover some of the unforgettable New Orleans classics that you absolutely need to try when you’re here, and places that make them the best. 6 Classics for your New Orleans Elopement Gumbo! If you love foods that are packed full of flavor, New Orleans has everything you could ever ask for. One such flavorful dish are gumbos, seafood stews that have long been a staple of southern eating.   For starters, don’t forget to give the gumbos at Gumbo Shop a try- from the classics to some others with delicious twists- you’re in for a good surprise here, and that’s obvious considering how this place has won the ‘Best Gumbo’ award every time.  Beignets! If you’re talking about breakfast foods you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss out on treating yourself to some delicious beignets- the traditional New Orleans favorite! This deep fried pastry is sprinkled with powdered sugar over the top and tastes absolutely divine, and if you’re looking forward to tasting it, Cafe Beignet is the place to be! Best of all, this place has an amazing menu that serves so many other delicious breakfast items too- you’ll actually be spoiled for choice here. If you’re a fan of all breakfast treats and you find yourself in New Orleans for any reason, including your elopement, you’re not going to want to skip out on visiting this place. Chargrilled Oysters! If seafood spells love for you, and oysters are your weak spot, you definitely won’t be disappointed when you’re here. New Orleans is famous for its unique traditional seafood dishes, and is the home to some of the best chargrilled and charbroiled oysters in the country. Felix serves some of the best plump and delicious chargrilled oysters, and the place is pocket friendly too. If you’re looking to taste some authentic charbroiled oysters or just purchase a kit that helps you make them yourself, Dragos is the place to visit.  Bananas Foster! If you’re in New Orleans, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on tasting the Bananas Foster, another staple and trademark of the area. One of the most loved desserts, and there’s nowhere better to sample it than at Brennan’s. This dramatic dessert tastes amazing, and after you’ve had your fill, you’ll be left with a smile on your face! Don’t be surprised if you find people who have dined elsewhere to arrive at Brennan’s just for dessert, it’s that good. We already featured Brennan’s in our piece on the best romantic restaurants for the newly married couple in New Orleans! PoBoys! Whether you’ve heard of Po’boys or you haven’t, make sure you don’t miss out on giving them a try when you’re in New Orleans, and Johnny’s Po-Boys helps you do just that! Known for being the oldest Po’boy restaurant in the world, this place serves the classic and rich Po’boys that will tickle your taste buds. Choose from their extensive menu or try one of their specials, you won’t be disappointed. These down south staples might have you coming back for another trip! Muffalettas! Napoleon House is a must visit if you’re looking forward to trying muffalettas, the quintessential New Orleans sandwich which is packed with cured meat and cheese and is slathered with a tangy olive salad and is heated to intensify the flavors. Don’t be fooled by the idea that it is just another “sandwich” –  you can try, but you can’t finish one yourself – that’s how filling and hearty it is!  You absolutely won’t find another sandwich quite like it outside of the city, so while you’re there, be sure to grab one. I hope you found this article resourceful.  Don’t forget, we are elopement specialist so if you or someone you know is looking to marry in New Orleans, we’d be honored to help! Grab our 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and receive a FREE checklist!

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New Orleans Elopement

New Orleans Elopement For Two

​You may have already decided that the magic of New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for your destination elopement, but have you decided on the size of your ceremony yet? Micro-weddings and intimate elopements are becoming more popular, as younger couples are looking for a more organic, romantic wedding experience without all of the planning and hassle of a traditional wedding. What if you wanted a ceremony just for you and your significant other? What if you wanted to treat your elopement like a true honeymoon? You can! If you’re thinking about having a more intimate elopement experience while still enjoying all the fun and excitement New Orleans has to offer, we’ll tell you how. Minimal Expense, Maximum Romance First thing you should know about the “just us” style of eloping, it’s more common than you think! In fact, the classic imagery of a couple eloping typically didn’t involve relatives and friends. Thousands of couples every year fly out for their destination elopement in cities like Vegas and New Orleans without anyone with them. This is perfect for couples who are looking for an intimate experience and a ceremony not bogged down with the pressures of entertaining family members or appeasing people in general. Not to mention the price tag that comes with such ceremonies. When it’s just you and your significant other, there’s no giant catering bill, the cake doesn’t have to feed an army, you can book smaller (cozier!) venues, and said venues don’t need to be decorated to the hilt. It saves a load of hassle, not to mention money that could be better spent on other things, like memorable activities. Another often overlooked benefit of not having guests is that booking accommodations is effortless. Nab that king suite in the fanciest hotel in the city and don’t feel a pang of guilt. You don’t have to think about the logistics of stuffing your best friends and beloved family into an overbooked hotel or worry about having to coordinate several hotels, transportation day of, food, and whatever else might be needed in order to ensure everything happens without any issues. If it’s just you and your significant other, all you have to do is decide which hotel has an open suite that suits your needs, and snatch it up before anyone else does. Not only will you feel like you’re on your honeymoon before you even tie the knot, you don’t have to think about the awkward scenarios of friends and family co-habitating in the same space or conflicting personalities raining on your parade. Just do you and let the sparks fly! Your Happiness Will Come First Sometimes, traditional-sized wedding ceremonies can get bogged down in how everyone else feels, often leaving the bride to play mediator, parent, and peacekeeper when they should be focused on their special day. Stress levels are one of the biggest complaints brides-to-be have. A large portion of that stress is derived from making sure everyone’s expectations are being met. But what about the bride and groom? Aren’t they the ones everyone else should be catering to? That’s simply not how it is. Much of the planning for big weddings includes extensive research and accommodations for all guests. This includes everything from learning what your niece-in-law is allergic to, to figuring out how to arrange reliable transportation to and fro the airport for every member of your family. All of this is part of the reason why more couples are scaling their weddings down and making them more intimate, with only a few family and friends, or even no one else at all. Shouldn’t your wedding be about you and not the expectations of a bunch of other people? Even if culture and tradition is important to you? The best part of a “Just Us” elopement package, you come first and you are the highest priority. No stressing out over how to cater to five different food allergies and picky kids, no wondering if the hotel you booked will somehow mess up your accommodations for 25 people, no fretting over whether or not the DJ will be to everyone’s taste. Our New Orleans Elopement Package For Two New Orleans is perfect for every size elopement, but I know just the right place for the ultimate elopement for just two. Magnolia Elopement Package $1990 + tax Collection of trusted and professional makeup artists, restaurants, hotels and other vendors will be provided Ceremony photos followed by full photo session around ceremony location – up to 1.5 hours photography coverage (50) professionally edited hi-res images in an online gallery for downloading, sharing and printing (print release included) Officiant who will assist with obtaining marriage license Private Online Gallery for 60 days to share with loved ones​​​ Personalized e-announcement with a photo from your day – delivered within 72 hours of ceremony Want to experience the magic for yourself? Please get in touch with us so we can start helping you put together the elopement of your dreams!

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what to see new orleans

Top places to visit while in New Orleans

Whenever we travel we always want to experience the best out of every place we visit. Aside from the tourist spots, we look forward to meeting new people, discovering different cuisines, immersing ourselves in the rich culture and making amazing memories. It’s no wonder that New Orleans is one of the most perfect destinations for you to experience all of that and more.  As a lifelong New Orleanian, I have composed a list of the very best must see places in New Orleans, Louisiana. The French Quarter This is the oldest and most famous area in the city of New Orleans. Visiting the French Quarter is like stepping into a new realm where the classic and modern blend well together. Despite various colonial influences each street is filled with harmonious and captivating ambiance which simply makes it unique. Fall in love with its architecture and witness the beauty of 18th century French homes and historic buildings.  What to do  Walk around Bourbon Street and party 24/7 or be entertained by the impressive jazz music around the area. Be captivated by the art galleries, antique shops, fine dining and boutiques at Royal Street and listen to a wide variety of music at Frenchman Street. Last but not the least, don’t forget to drop by Jackson Square, the historic park of French Quarter. Check out the artworks of local artists and see the beauty St. Louis Cathedral which is also a perfect sight for weddings.   Don’t Miss  Jazz shows, Hurricane’s from Pat OBriens, Daiquiris in go cups and Beignets Uptown/Garden District  If you’re a fan of grandeur and elegant Victorian houses, then a trip to Uptown NOLA is something you shouldn’t miss. The mansions in the Garden District look like something that came out of a Hollywood movie or something that you have probably pictured while reading a classic novel. Uptown is a scene for romantically built mansions, so captivating you cannot help but fall in-love with it.   ​What to do  The best way to explore the most brilliant part of uptown is riding the oldest operating streetcar line in the world, the St. Charles Streetcar. Riding the streetcar is like hitting two birds with one stone plus it is really affordable. St. Charles Streetcar is the longest line in the city that will not only take you to the best part of the Garden District but you will also pass through some notable spots like Central Business District, Lee Circle and a glimpse of the National World War II Museum. Then, take a long walk into the streets covered by old oaks and pass by those elegant 19th century houses in the Garden District or uncover the beauty of Lafayette Cemetery, which is also one of the must see places in the area.  Don’t Miss  Shop at Magazine or Oak Street.  For overnight stays, the Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast is certainly “Grandeur” and right on the streetcar line for a quick ride into the French Quarter Natchez Steamboat  Sailing on the historic Natchez Steamboat as it traverses the Mississippi river is a-must when you are in NOLA. You can learn more about the history of the city while looking at its breath-taking view along the river. Make beautiful memories while on board, dine, listen to good music and enjoy the ride. What to do  Take a cruise either morning, lunch time or afternoon. If you check online, you will already see a lot of options to book a boat tour. You might probably want to take the tour during the afternoon because of the breath-taking sunset, though the steamboat experience itself can be quite satisfying. Imagine being serenaded by a live band while surrounded by the beautiful view of the city along the water. It is one of the best places to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even intimate weddings.  Swamp Tour  Get closer to nature by visiting the famous swamps of Louisiana. Be transported to a whole new world of water, wildlife and wilderness. Swamps are a habitat to different kinds of animals and are rich in biodiversity, from alligators to fleeting birds. It is majestic in its own way with abundant trees reflecting in the calm water and the slight thrill of encountering alligators and other wildlife.  What to do  Get out of the city and take the Cajun Encounters Tour to discover the most beautiful swamp you could ever see. It is nearly 70,000 acres of protected wildlife area and finely laid cypress trees. Taking a swamp tour is a unique and memorable experience that you should definitely try.  Algiers point The second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and a modest counterpart of the French Quarter. It is dubbed as New Orleans’ Best Kept secret since it is quite an isolated and less travelled place in the city but certainly worthy of your time. Out of all the places you will visit in NOLA, Algiers point will be the closest place that feels like home away from home.  What to do  Take a ferry ride from Canal Street to Algiers point. Walk through the path along the river and rest in front of the river bank with the best view of the city. Walk along the streets of colorful Creole houses and historical structures. Visit a glass studio and art galleries then dine at the local restaurant of your choice. This place is called NOLA’s best kept secret for a reason and it is better for you to find out why.   Known as a melting pot of diverse cultures, New Orleans has a lot to offer from food, history, art and architecture. This place is filled with romantic venues perfect for weddings too, no wonder it’s also a top destination for couples who wish to tie the knot. Without a doubt, anyone who visits will never get enough of this truly unique destination. For more information on getting married in New Orleans, visit  

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How to Elope Guide

What NOT to do When Eloping Guide

You’ve decided to forgo all the stress of wedding planning and run off just the two of you to say I Do. But just because this plan is much easier to pull off, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some effort. Check out this “How to Elope” guide for tips for the five things you might forget to do before eloping. How to Elope Guide – 5 Things not to Forget Make sure all of your paperwork is ready, completed, and out of the way. That way, your getaway will be headache free and your union will be official.   An elopement should be stress free and full of romantic events planned out – treating it otherwise will only give you headaches. Why would you want to risk not having a reservation at the restaurant you had your heart set on, or not being able to find a certain venue because you don’t know the area that well yet? Elopement and wedding planning services take all the hassle away, save you time, money, and best of all, they are experts at maximizing your enjoyment.   One of the easiest ways to get tangled in your own wedding plans is to dive in without an idea of what you really want to do. Once you decide on a theme, that will set the pace for everything else, including catering, flowers, decorations, cake, dresses, and more. You might even want to base your elopement destination on what your theme is.   One of the most important aspects of planning an elopement is deciding early on how big of an event are you planning and who’s invited. The sooner you hash those details out the better, that way you can get the word out to the right people when it’s time. Knowing what NOT to do on your elopement is just as important as knowing what TO do. With these tips, you’ll be better prepared and you will be less likely to make any mistakes along the way.  For more information on eloping and best locations, visit our partner site HERE!

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free things to do new orleans

Want ideas of FREE things to do in New Orleans?

Free Things to Do in New Orleans Quite honestly, there are scads of free things to do in New Orleans… something for everyone. I photograph many weddings in the New Orleans area and I get the same question every time… what should we do while in New Orleans?  Keep reading, to learn more about several popular choices. The hardest part is deciding which one to enjoy first. Tour the Garden District. This stunning neighborhood, home to lavish mansions, is easily one of the most beautiful areas in New Orleans. Free tour maps are available at the French Quarter Visitor Center. Walk around City Park. The 1,300-acre park is home to the largest collection of live oak trees in the world. There are a number of walking and bike trails to explore. Playgrounds and wide-open spaces are plentiful, providing lots of room for children to run around. Listen to a concert at Lafayette Square. A 12-week concert series takes place here each year. The lineup includes a number of local bands you don’t want to miss. These concerts take place every Wednesday and are free to attend. Stroll down Magazine Street for some serious window shopping. Here you’ll find a wide variety of shops, situated in historic buildings, selling everything from designer clothing to folk art and antiques and a whole lot more! Watch a parade. The streets of New Orleans see their fair share of parades, particularly during Mardi Gras season. These parades, which are always free, provide a great way to immerse yourself in the fantastic culture of the city.  As a wedding photographer, I also recommend watching a 2nd line parade with a couple who just married.  What a unique and fun way to witness someone’s special day! Sample delicious cuisine. New Orleans-style cooking is a unique blend of African, French, Spanish, Cajun and Creole traditions. For an “insider look” at what the fuss is about, check out Crescent City Farmers’ Market. They sell fresh (local) produce and are known to host free cooking demonstrations from time to time. So this last one is technically not free, but super inexpensive… take the Algiers Ferry ($2 per rider) over to the other side of the Mississippi River. Soak in the views while on the ferry of the French Quarter skyline and Crescent City Connection bridge. When you get on the other side, grab a po-boy and cocktail at the Dry Dock Cafe. The Old Algiers Point bar is also a super iconic location for a drink. You will meet some really nice locals as well. If you would like to see some glass blown art, head over to the Rosetree Blown Glass (just a few short blocks from the Ferry). They specialize in the creation of blown art glass in the Venetian style of furnace work and have one of the largest contemporary art glass galleries in the South! ​This is just the beginning when it comes to free things to do in New Orleans. However, these options are all a good representation of what’s available. Get ready… get set… experience New Orleans!  If you are thinking of marrying in New Orleans and having a small destination wedding or elopement, reach out to us! Grab our 5 secrets to a successful (and stress-free) elopement and receive a FREE checklist!

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How To Elope In New Orleans In 6 Easy Steps - IbayPhotography

How To Elope In New Orleans In 6 Easy Steps

Dreaming of saying “I Do” amidst the magic: Your 6-step guide to elopement in New Orleans Forget the stress of planning a traditional wedding and embrace the vibrant spirit of New Orleans with an unforgettable elopement! Picture yourselves exchanging vows under the shade of ancient oak trees in City Park, or whispering “I do” as the sun sets over the Mississippi River. New Orleans offers a unique blend of romance, history, and cultural charm, making it the perfect backdrop for your intimate celebration of love. But where do you start? Planning an elopement might seem daunting, but fear not! This guide will walk you through 6 easy steps to ensure your New Orleans elopement is as magical and stress-free as it is unique: 1. Secure your marriage license: Obtain your marriage license from the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court’s office. This process can be completed online or in person. 2. Choose your dream location: From the majestic French Quarter to the serene Audubon Nature Park, New Orleans offers a plethora of stunning backdrops. Consider your personal style and preferences when making your choice. 3. Find your officiant: Whether you prefer a traditional officiant, a celebrant, or even a friend or family member to conduct your ceremony, New Orleans has a variety of options to suit your needs. 4. Capture the moment: Hire a talented elopement wedding photographer to document your special day. Their expertise will ensure you have beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. 5. Don’t forget the permits: Depending on your chosen location, you might need permits for photography or ceremony setup. Research and obtain any necessary permits well in advance.  This blog offers great recommendations! 6. Celebrate your love: After the ceremony, treat yourselves to a romantic dinner cruise on the Mississippi, explore the hidden gems of the French Quarter, or simply soak in the vibrant live jazz music and atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind city. By following these simple steps and letting your creativity flow, you can create a New Orleans elopement that is both intimate and unforgettable, a celebration of your love story that will be as unique as the city itself.  At Ibay Photography/ElopeToNola, we offer all-inclusive elopement packages to select from.  Check them out HERE ⚜️Connect with us today to start your planning ⚜️

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Elopement Checklist : How to Elope - Ibay Photograph

How to Elope: Wedding Elopement Checklist Guide

How to Elope? wedding elopement checklist – Complete Guide: The words “How about we run off and get married just us!” inspire dreams of laughing in the face of any potential risk, getting your life partner’s hand, and heading out toward the distant horizon together. Yet, we should be genuine: Although an elopement has fewer moving parts than a huge wedding, there’s still some arrangement ahead of time you’ll need to do. Why? Regardless of the more straightforward intention, there are a lot of significant things you want to consider! To assist with getting you an amazing elopement experience you dream of with as little pressure as could be expected, we’ve assembled this Elopement Checklist. How to Elope – Wedding Elopement Checklist Have you discussed the Pros and Cons with your fiance’? Eloping can be something of a taboo in itself but assuming you’re intending to get married without your loved ones close by, ensure it’s something you truly need, and that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Saving money, keeping things unique and individual, or staying away from family drama are generally totally legitimate motivations to experience a one-on-one intimate ceremony – simply ensure you’ve contemplated your choice, and it’s what you both want and desire. In general, do whatever it takes not to regret your choice – you don’t need to legitimize it to anybody. Obviously, a few loved ones may be at first frustrated with the possibility of not being by your side, yet when they move past the shock, chances are, they’ll be very excited for you and your future together.  Research the Legalities! Ensure you set out to find out about the legalities of where you’re saying your vows, how long do you need to apply ahead of time (do you both need to be there in person), what ID and paperwork you need to bring, and hours of operation for the marriage office in the city you will be marrying. We as a whole have a heartfelt thought of an unrehearsed wedding where you simply book your flights and say “I Do”, yet unfortunately, even the simplest elopements require some planning of obtaining a marriage license to make your nuptials legal!  Tip:  Don’t forget to order extra copies of your license! Consider your Destination and Use Local Vendors! Do you dream of a city elopement in New Orleans or New York, island vows in the Caribbean or Hawaii, or would you like to check off a bucket list dream location like Greece, Paris or Thailand? Whenever you select a destination, and the vibe you desire from your elopement, you can begin planning the elopement wedding of your dreams! Have you considered trusting your day to an experienced and local wedding planner? This person will guide you on the legalities, set you up with an officiant, elopement photographer, and some other wedding vendors you may need, and orchestrate day-of events. They’ll likewise know all the cool areas for your ceremony, so take advantage of their insider skills. You would rather not spend your special day searching for a flower vendor and booking required permits. Most Important are your Wedding Photos! We generally think booking a photographer is a sound investment for your big day, and even more so in the event that you’re eloping. Having pictures to show your loved ones will enable them to feel part of your day. In addition, you’ll have a documented recollection of your wedding to keep the memories alive. What’s the saying…. without photos, did it really happen? You do want to trust a local, experienced photographer as knowing the area is key to having dreamy photos. Review their portfolios or pinterest accounts and do go through their online reviews to feel comfortable with your selection. Online reviews of local vendors is imperative. Without reviews, you can assume the photographer is very new to photography or has not provided the customized experience you deserve. Think Details and Uniqueness! Think out of the box for your elopement wedding because YOU CAN! Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with a jazz trio playing traditional local music or a solo violinist playing “your song”. The best thing about eloping is that you can do anything you desire, so ensure you do! Uniqueness can be exceptionally heartfelt. You’ll never look at a lantern the same way assuming you utilize one for a bouquet! On the off chance that you decide to elope to New Orleans, you will probably get a few beads… track down a balcony in the French Quarter and toss them to strangers on the street below Or then again dance in the streets to fun entertainers. Would you be able to do that at a traditional wedding? Show off your Wedding Attire! It doesn’t need to be white or formal. It doesn’t need to be a dress or a suit. Also it unquestionably doesn’t need to be “wedding proper”. However, do ensure you wear something particularly amazing to you on your big day! This is the time to show off your personalities and what makes you both YOU.. Have a good time with your look and ensure you feel stunning on your big day, regardless of whether you’re just dressing up for you and your fiance’. Consider an All-Inclusive Elopement Package provided by a Local Company! Tons of resorts, hotels and planners offer elopement packages. These typically include photographic artists, florals for the couple and a licensed officiant. These bundles can be helpful, and financially savvy, particularly if you are not familiar with the destination and you are looking for stress-free! Tip: Ask the elopement package provider to give you names and numbers of all the vendors involved and ask for a quick chat with each vendor. It’s important that you feel comfortable and vibe with each vendor to be sure your day will run smoothly and seamlessly. We’ve also prepared this detailed Wedding Elopement Checklist, Congratulations to you both! Airfare Hotel Reservations Brunch/Dinner Reservations Photographer Officiant Flowers

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Elopement Dresses

10 Steps to Help you Choose your Elopement Dress

10 Steps to Help you Choose your Elopement Dress An elopement dress is not just any dress that you’ll wear for an outdoor wedding. It’s the perfect choice for an elopement whether that includes hiking or a bohemian vibe for a desert landscape. Elopement dresses can be very similar to a wedding dress, depending on what you’re looking for or be completely different and compliment the environment or be nontraditional. There is no right or wrong choice as long as you are happy with your decision. If you’re trying to find an elopement wedding dress, consider some points and factors that will help guide your decisions. 1) Your style: What do I like? Do some soul-searching and figure out your personal style. Think back to all of the events in your life where you had a specific outfit; consider the styles which make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Keep it simple with a focus on functionality or add drama with accessories such as beading or feathers.  2) The location: Where am I getting married? Consider the varied landscapes you’re surrounded by and select a dress that matches the environment. It can be fun to incorporate nature into your look with flowers, feathers, or other natural elements. 3) The vibe: What kind of mood do I have? There are so many ways to express yourself in your wedding dress – choose the one that best reflects you. Are you all about looks or function? Intentions can be good motivation for choosing your dress, especially if it will help sway your decision-making process. 4) Your partner’s preferences: Do you want them to be surprised or have input? Grooms can certainly have the option to participate in selecting their bride’s gowns, but there are also dresses which are designed with masculine qualities to appeal to both partners. Keep in mind your prospective husband’s likes and dislikes before making a choice; he may picture the perfect dress for you to have less ballroom type qualities and have more of a modern silhouette that hugs your best features. 5) To veil or not to veil? A wedding veil is a staple for many brides, but it’s not the only option. Depending on your desired look, you can choose from headpieces that match your style and personality to complement the dress. If the dress has enough drama then consider getting rid of a veil all together or go with a piece that is similar in length like a cape to maintain balance. 6) The fabric: What will I be wearing? Fabrics have different properties which should be taken into consideration before deciding what you want out of your elopement dress. For example, a silk chiffon material is lightweight and airy while a satin is thicker and smoother – both are great options, depending on what kind of weather you’ll be experiencing for your special day. Certain types of lace weigh more than others, so if you prefer a little more coverage in the shoulders or arms then go with something like tulle. 7) The waistline: What do I want my figure to look like? Planning your dress well in advance is important since it will take some time to get fitted – especially when there are custom options available. Whether you’re looking for an empire waistline that emphasizes your bust line or a mermaid silhouette that makes your legs appear longer, this is where many alterations can be made to achieve the perfect fit.  8) The train: How much fabric should it have? Your elopement wedding dress doesn’t need to include any trains at all; they can also vary in length based on your personal preference. While a train can add drama to your look and make it look like a full wedding gown, you should consider whether or not it will be appropriate and practical for the location of your ceremony. 9) How much skin is too much skin? This question is more for brides who want to wear something revealing – there are plenty of options out there that don’t show any cleavage or bare shoulders, so worry not! If you’re looking for a dress with this kind of cut then take into consideration the rest of your body shape as well; an off-the-shoulder bodice can highlight your slender upper half while a strapless silhouette looks great on hourglass figures. It’s also important to know what kind of material you’ll be dealing with and how it 10) Ask your elopement photographer for advice. Your elopement wedding dress is only one part of the equation; you should also be thinking about how your overall look can be captured on camera. If you have an elopement photographer ask them what dresses they feel photographs well. If you have a color preference or a certain theme in mind, share it with your photographer – they may have an idea of how you can use the dress to your advantage.  

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